This is kind of cool actually – “Songify This: I’M NOT A WITCH – sung by Christine O’Donnell”

Are they trying to make fun of her? I thought it was neat!



4 Responses

  1. Love it!

    But seriously, isn’t she the most attractive — physically attractive — candidate now running in the U.S.? Maybe I missed someone. Maybe it’s Rahm, or maybe he’s #2.

    This video would have been better if they had played her singing-commercial as a kind of spell being cast, with weird results occurring as people watched it.

  2. She is pretty – I would say “approachable cute”.

    Paul Ryan from WI is considered handsome (but I don’t like the guy).

    Hey… real world alumnus Sean Duffy is running congress in WI. Real World mostly had good looking people. He has been a DA in Wisconsin for a while. He did so good in the polling that long-time incumbent David Obey (not handsome!) retired instead of running again.

    Those are the only ones I can think of.

  3. Let it not be said that the aforementioned candidates have absolutely no positive qualities! (With the possible exception of Obey, who I know nothing about.)

  4. Obey was a long-term career hard core left wing democrat in the leadership elite.

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