“The Tea Party represents…”

A quote noted at HotAir on the Tea Party Movement:

The Tea Party represents stakeholders in the American system; people who were never involved in politics or thought they had to be, yet realized that political corruption and incompetence threatened not only their families, but the future of the nation itself. Economic collapse, the shocking spending by an Obama administration that most analysts agree is in over its head, combined with remarkable contempt shown citizens during the debacle of the healthcare debate and legislation, have mobilized those stakeholders – including women and their families – to take action.

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2 Responses

  1. Why is the spending limited to the Obama administration? George Bush’s time in office spent more money than anyone in the history of America. If the Tea Party wants to gain any credibility as more than just the ultra conservative wing of the Republican party they need to learn to criticize both sides. Otherwise it just looks like they are the attack arm of the Republicans, and are more of the same crap we’ve always had.

  2. HI Trey,

    While the quote in my post mentions Pres. Obama, and not Pres. Bush, those sympathetic to the Tea Party were highly critical of the spending (well mostly the non war/defense spending) during his 2 terms. Of course Bush did not have republican congress the last term.

    The Tea Party folks generally are not happy with the republican establishment – just note then many primary challenges to established republican office holders.

    BTW, I sum up the Tea Party POV here [1].

    The Tea Party inclined realize that the Democrat party as it is currently has no room for the Tea Party POV.

    The Republican party supposedly does. You can tell though that much of the republican establishment/elite is not happy about the Tea Party movement. The republican establishment/elite is pro-BIgGov/BigBiz just like the Democrat establishment/elite (just without the every more blatant Marxist overtones and being a bit more strong about national security).

    I think that if the Tea Party movement elects a republican congress, and then the republican leaders do not adopt or fight for the mostly fiscal-minded Tea Party agenda, then the Tea Party will be through with the Republicans. They will either walk away and for a new nation-wide party (how about resurrecting the Federalist Party moniker), or launch a fight for control of republican party at all levels and purge it of it establishment/elite types.

    EIther one of those works for me.

    Also, I will note without further comment, that I reached my breaking part while Bush was still President here [2]

    Just in case you think you know my POV, I have layed it out here [3].




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