Doctor Who – No limit On Regenerations, Correct?

I know that the Doctor Who character and the Time Lord are limited to 12 regenerations.

Supposedly there is some big hubabub that the show mythology is dropping this.

Doesn’t anybody remember the “Trial of a Time Lord” season?

I commented on the TV Squad Link:

I hate to sound like a Dr Who geek…but I think the regeneration issue was sort of solved in the Colin Baker “Trial of a Time Lord” season. The ending made it appear that a future/alternate/not-so-nice version of the Doctor had tricked his current self and all of the time lords in to resetting his regenerations or lifting the limit completely without any of them knowing it. It was certainly an ambiguous ending to a season long story arc.

I don’t believe I am wrong on this. I remember watching the final “Trial” episode when it first aired in Madison and saying something like  “Aha…Doctor Who’s forever!”.

Also note: 20+ years later I think about and watch Dr. Who. I won’t be giving the suckfest that is Avatar more then a thought or two after today.

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