“The most important country to the United States is…” and a bit more (strategy and energy)

I started writing this as a comment on a post at Coming Anarchy, but it is a bit too long for that.


So in answer to their question…not really an answer but a steam of thoughts…


The USA long peaceful border with Canada makes it an important relationship. They are a no problem neighbor.

The USA should want the Mexico relationship to evolve into the same type  of thing. The relationship matters economically and because a failed Mexico impacts the security of the US. Even longer term, the US goal should be to integrate (peacefully and voluntarily) Mexico fully into the USA in the next 100 years.

The UK had been the most important USA overseas ally. The decline of the UK (and NATO), the rise of the EU, and the actions of the current US President have reduced that relationship. Our challenge with the EU is to both prop up Europe slowing/preventing it from turning in Eurabia, and to at the same time benefit from an exodus of smart/innovative/entrepreneurial/motivated Europeans (with their brains and capital) from pre-Eurabia Europe to the US.

India needs to be targeted as a future most important relationship – Economics/Security/Democracy – it all comes together for the USA with India. The US should also support India getting a permanent UN Security Council seat (good for Obama on this).

The USA relationship with China is important because of the economic interrelationship (for better or worse), China’s rise toward superpower status, and because the PRC leadership is clearly positioning China as the alternative/opponent/adversary of the US. China is essentially waging a 5GW against the US now. The US needs to step up to it or face it that US decline is coming sooner rather than later/never.

Russia matters because it has nukes, oil, and KGB/Active-Measure skills a plenty. Russia is not the USSR. Russia is in decline. The challenge here is to manage the relationship so that while declining, Russia doesn’t hatch any Black Swans. The US also wants to avoid the creation of Russia/Turkey/Iran Axis of Mischief.

Iran matters to the US because they have oil, can effect access to lots of oil, will have nukes soon, has revolutionary Islamic expansionary activities, and has leadership that seems hell-bent on future war with the US. The US goal here must be regime change – hopefully without massive Iranian population/infrastructure destruction. One way or another, this is going to get ugly since most of the non-ugly options have been disregarded/ignored by the US ostrich strategy.

Japan matters to US right now because it is distinct (not Europe, not China, not Muslim) and for its partner potential. The US should support Japan’s JDF expanding and getting expeditionary (lots of US officers and SNCO’s should be detailed to the JDF). We should support this capital rich nation getting involved with financing/engineering stuff in Eastern Russia and Africa. The US should encourage Japan and India to become better friends. and to inter-operate.

Saudi Arabia only matters because of oil, and because (along with Egypt and Pakistan) it is at the heart of the 4GW Islamofascist War by Al-Qada et all against the US/West and of the Muslim Brotherhood/Salafist et all 5GW against the US and the West.

As for the nations that matter in a big way because of Oil (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Venezuela), the US should have as a major strategic goal that of breaking the world’s dependence upon oil for energy. The way to do that is:

1) Adopt something like Zubrin’s Flex-Fuel requirement for all new vehicles sold in the US (which means it would be adopted everywhere);

2) Easing/promoting/financing next-generation nuke and min-nuke power in the US and abroad (the US should want to be a world leader in this);

3) Adopting/promoting/financing Municipal Plasma Furnaces to generate electricity efficiently from trash in the US and abroad (the US should want to be a world leader in this);

4) Updating the US power grid into a network of smart grids and financing/deploying/promoting this around the world (the US should want to be a world leader in this);

5) The US should be making a major push for Orbital Solar Power systems and the related technology and processes. The US must be the world leader in this;

Note I am not calling for so-called hippy-friendly green energy (e.g earth-based solar, wind, etc, hemp/organic burning). Hippies can have an upside, just not on energy. There just isn’t potential enough of that at a reasonable costs to be the answer. Also, conservation isn’t the answer. I want more energy usage not less. I also want a future where Africans and Chinese, and Indians and everybody can have AC, bright lights in every corner of their homes and all of that. The happy future I want has more energy in total and more energy per capita, not less.


I want the Science Fiction Future of my youth.


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  1. “The challenge here is to manage the relationship so that while declining, Russia doesn’t hatch any Black Swans.” — Precisely my thoughts on Russia as well.

  2. The best part about space-based solar power is that you can laser hippies from orbit. You can even justify it as a green by referring to the burial of their burned husks as “carbon sequestration”.

  3. I’d say Mexico.
    Around 10% of all US exports end up in Mexico, meaning that this country buys more American goods that any other country in the world, except Canada but every year Mexico’s share of US exports has expanded and within a few years Mexico will be the largest destination of US goods and services.
    There are about 17,000 US companies established in Mexico, and most Mexican companies have either american partners or american clients or both, and thousands of Mexican companies also with operations in the US too, Citibank and other important US banks have stakes in Mexican banks, Mexico’s FEMSA is Coca Cola’s largest partner in the world, responsible for most coca colas sold in all of Latin America, Mexico’s BIMBO owns Sara Lee and Weston Foods making it the largest bakery in America and the world, GM, Ford, Chrysler have long had car making plants in Mexico, etc. American companies trade, buy, sell and partner with Mexican companies in a long tradition of doing business together that goes back centuries.
    Mexico has the largest american expatriate population in the world with around 2 million US citizens living in Mexico, while every year more than 10 million US citizens arrive to Mexican beaches and tourist centers, more than 1o million Mexican citizens live in the US, some 5 of the illegally representing the single US largest immigration problem, some other 7 million Mexican tourists arrive to US cities to do their shopping every year, specially to US border towns, but also to larger cities like New York, etc.
    Millions of US american citizens consume drugs either produced in Mexico or Colombia or other countries in South America, but shipped to the US illegally by Mexican drug cartels representing the US largest narcotraffic issue.

    • I hope the US Mexico integration will continue. In 100 years, I’d like Mexico to be part of the USA (voluntarily, peacefully) with each of the 30+ governing units joining as a state.

  4. This….


    …show the gap on US/Energy and where I want it to be.

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