Health Mandate Unconstitutional? How it should be done…

The personal mandate for the Obamacare has been found unconstitutional.  Obamacare is a an expense/bureaucratic mess that the US is better of.

Remember though, I am not against de-coupling Health Care from Employment/Employer:

I am pro entrepreneurial capitalism, pro-growth, pro-tech, pro-innovation, pro-higher productivity and progress. This is possibly the most important thing for the American System. The unleashing of human capital through entrepreneurialism (business, social, cultural, heh and political) will continue to make us economically and cultural rich. The rest of the world is better off for this too.

Domestic policy should be changed to increase, support and create incentives for this activity. This mean changes to the legal and financial systems. It also means a pension system not tied social security and long-term single employer employment. It also means a health care system not tied to a particular employer or type of employment (this does not mean government run national health care though).

Here what should have been done…and still can be (without being Unconstittional):

  • USGOV: Allow anybody or business or any org to buy into the Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan (it is everywhere)
  • USGOV: Allow USRESIDENTS to buy insurance across state borders
  • USGOV: Require Orgs that sell or provide health services across state borders to not exlude people on the basis of pre-existing condition
  • USGOV: Tax All Employer Provided Health Benefits (insurance + Pre-paid health care)
  • USGOV: Provide a Tax Credit (regionalized) to USRESIDENTS equivalent to the cost of the middle-to-low-end option of the Federal Health Plan for all USRESIDENTS who participate in any real health benefits plan.

That was easy. No new Federal health-related bureaucracy needed. No unconditional mandate. Nobody is forced to buy Health Insurance if they don’t want to (they don’t get the Tax Credit though if they don’t).

Of course to really bring down costs…

  • USRESIDENT need better health, nutrition and regular exercise (I am guilty of being bad on this)
  • Increase use of less costly Para-Professionals over MDs (Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Specialist, Physical Therapist, Pharmacists). The AMA won’t like it. Fuck the AMA.
  • Better use of IT to reduce administrative cost and inefficiencies.
  • A Portable Electronic Health Care Record program for USRESIDENTS.
  • Healthcare and Medical service Tort Reform
  • NSF/NIH grants into research for more vaccinations, anti-virals, anti-disease gene modified food
  • Anti-Drug Abuse Vaccination/shots? Hell yes. Anti-Drunk/de-drunking Pills? Hell Yes. Anti-THC/De-Highification  pill? Hell yes.

Am I wrong in thinking this would work?

[Church Home and Hospital School of Nursing, class of 1950]Source: John Hopkins on Flickr

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