I Watch this and think…send in the National Guard…

…and clear out all of the grounds of the Leftists and throw in jail any who resist or do not comply.



Fucking Leftists. I am embarrassed for my home state of Wisconsin.

We shouldn’t pretend the Left and their activist vanguard and their willing public union dupes are just practicing democracy. They are at their very core anti-democratic. They are the problem.

Enough is enough.

Crush them.

Bust their Unions.

Sue their orgs and individuals for damages. Lawfare, fuck yeah. Bankrupt them.

Impeach the WI Dem Senators who have fled the state.

Recall any republican legislator who caves.

Fuck them.

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7 Responses

  1. Google the phrase “Ludlow Massacre”; still think mixing National Guardsmen and labor disputes are a good idea?

  2. Sure Michael. Because non-elected GOV employees getting above market rate compensation who employ anti-democratic measures to stop the elected government from functioning is the same as private struggling coal miners and their families vs private business interests.

  3. To what extent are labor unions the way they are BECAUSE of incidents like Ludlow? The National Guard is called out, people get hurt. The date, the place and the people involved become part of the folklore of the survivors; tactics and strategies are conceived to compensate.

    Eventually, the conflict subsides. Working conditions improve, pay becomes livable–but those stories are still told, those tactics and strategies still in mind.

    Not so hard to understand the excesses of unions when looked this way, is it? It’s a similar situation to revolutionary groups who win their wars only to screw things up royally afterward. Send the National Guard and what’s liable to happen? At the very least you risk triggering such memories of old struggles and confrontational tactics as haven’t already been triggered. At worst you risk the possibility of something going seriously wrong and a newly re-radicalized labor movement gaining a whole new set of battle cries and martyrs.

  4. Government Employee Unions are fundamentally different from unions made of non-Gov employees. If you don’t see that, this isn’t going to be much of a discussion.

    In WI, the Gov employee unions essentially act as an arm of Wisconsin’s fairly left-wing Dem party.

    A generation of mostly Dem control at the state and local level has lead to the Gov employee unions being increasing rewarded for their solidarity with the Dems to the point that budgets at the state and for almost every level of local Gov in WI is broken.

    Wisconsin voters in November overwhelming rejected Dem control of the Executive and Legislative branch.

    In response, Dem senators have fled the state to exploit a constitutional loophole. The Dem aligned unions have done their part by 1) Peaceful protests 2) Non-peaceful actions (threatening counter-protesting, causing damage, showing uo a people’s houses, etc).

    When it looked like the thugs were stepping it up physically against a state the police did nothing.

    The Althouse blog has documented that the protesters and police have been working together to some extent.

    I am not sure the capital police and the other police and sheriffs departments helping out could be trusted.

    If the so called protesters turn overtly violent – like it looked there about to and to which they still might – The NG will be the only alternative.

    As it is, the moment when the debt could be re-financed has mostly passed. The layoff notice for state employees will be going out. Notices for local gov employees will trickle in over the next few months.

    So what have the Dems/Unions accomplished?

    They get a feeling of moral superiority.

    They have made my person FB unusable due to left wing sloganeering.

    The capital will need to spend $500k to $5million to clean up.

    Outsiders looking to move themselves or their businesses to Wisconsin have yet another neg to consider.

    Oh, and 2000-7000 gov employees will be out of their jobs over the next few months.

    • Public employee unions just “an arm of Wisconsin’s fairly left-wing Dem party”? That’s mostly true, I suppose, but not entirely. There are some public employee unions who supported Walker for governor, for example. But even if I concede that point, so what? The GOP is merely a puppet of corporate America. In Wisconsin, the entire GOP agenda is dictated by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. The Wisconsin GOP – since the recent
      “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission” Supreme Court decision – has a bottomless pit of funding to command from their corporate backers. And in this global age that you think is such a wonderful thing, these corporations have no loyalty to Wisconsin, or even America, certainly not the American public. They would sell us all down the river for an eighth share point.

      Public employee union workers get “above market rate compensation”? Well, I’m sure both of us could throw examples and counter-examples at each other ad nauseam. All I’ll say is that in general, this is NOT true! In general, public workers are taking a hit in wages vis-a-vis their private sector colleagues in exchange for greater job security, better benefits, etc.

      Concerning this current conflict, I have two main issues:

      1. State union employees had already agreed to virtually ALL the wage and benefit concessions asked of them by the state government negotiators. Gov. Walker was disingenuous at best, but I’m feeling less than charitable right now, so I’ll say he was outright LYING when he accused the unions of being intransigent.

      2. Gov. Walker was also lying when he said that getting rid of union collective bargaining rights was “essential” for balancing the state budget. Don’t believe me? Then believe Gov. Walker himself, as he testified to the House Oversight Committee. I quote his exchange with Rep. Kucinich:

      ” Rep. Dennis Kucinich: “Can you please explain to me and members of this committee how much money this provision saves for your state budget?”

      Gov. Scott Walker: “That and a number of other provisions we put in because if you’re going to ask, if you’re going to put in place a change like that, we wanted to make sure that we protected the workers of our state, so that they had a right to know what kind of value they got out of it. It’s the same reason we gave workers the right to choose, which is a fundamental American right, a right to choose whether or not they want to be part of a union, and whether or not they want up to a thousand dollars taken out”—

      Rep. Dennis Kucinich: “Would you answer the question? How much money does it save, Governor?”

      Gov. Scott Walker: “That particular part doesn’t save any.””

      This is a purely union-busting provision that NEVER had anything to do with balancing the state budget and Gov. Walker finally admitted as much.

      Walker and the big corporations who funded his campaign want nothing less than for Wisconsin to become another Deep South style so-called “right to work” state. This would allow wages to be depressed across the board, both for state and private employees alike.

      I know… You would LOVE this. But I submit that organized labor is essential for the American way of life. They are a check against unfettered corporate power. For one example, when an actor is negotiating for his or her fee to act in a film, does he or she face Disney Studios and their battery of attorneys alone? Of course not. He or she hires a bargaining agent! How else would he or she have a prayer of getting a fair shake at the negotiating table? Likewise, workers can hire a bargaining agent – a union – to negotiate on their behalf. Otherwise, how can they have a chance at a fair shake? Why are agents who represent individuals common and accepted practice, but agents who represent a group of workers the very root of all evil? As companies like Wal-Mart continue to prove every day, unions are STILL relevant – still NECESSARY – for insuring that American workers have even a prayer of fair – or even minimally humane – treatment in the workplace.

      The bottom line is, you may succeed in breaking all the unions and using corporate power to depress wages nation-wide, not just in Wisconsin, but at some point, it will be clear that all corporate America will have succeeded in accomplishing is destroying the middle class and their buying power – the collective discretionary income that is the source of the lion’s share of corporate America’s profits.

      Henry Ford was not satisfied with selling thousands of cars. He wanted to sell MILLIONS of them. So he gave RAISES to his workers so they could afford to buy the cars they were making in his factories. He did this not out of kindness. In fact, he was rabidly anti-trade union – even fascist (He was an early supporter of Adolf Hitler). He raised his workers’ wages out of enlightened self-interest, which told him that if his workers got richer, so would he.

      Yet it seems corporate America has forgotten this basic lesson in economic history. Any chimpanzee can figure out that short-term profits are helped by depressing wages. But what will happen when the American so-called “consumer economy” is gutted? What happens when only the rich have money to spend? And what happens when it becomes clear that though the rich are VERY rich indeed, there aren’t enough of them to keep American business – and the American economy – afloat?

      You and your ilk want to take America back to the Nineteenth Century? You want Third-World labor costs and standards right here in America? I personally know erstwhile Republican voters who voted for Scott Walker who are shocked by his tactics. They count themselves as “Conservative” in their politics, but until now, they didn’t think that would mean having their ability to support a middle-class living so directly assaulted.

      You extreme right-wingers (I don’t consider you to be conservatives) may just get what you want, but not without a fight from those whose very living is at stake – and many of these so-called “thugs” will be people who voted “Walker” in 2010.

      And please don’t invoke the “will of the people.” You claim that the voters repudiated the Democrats in 2010. Well, Walker won 52% of the vote – not exactly a landslide. And many of the people who voted for Walker were expecting – or at least hoping for – a new Tommy Thompson. That is NOT what they are getting. If Walker survives attempts to recall him, I wouldn’t bet a plug nickel on his chances in 2014. A lot of 2010 Walker voters feel they were duped.

      W. Irving
      Peoples’ Democratic City-State of Madison, 219 square kilometers of civilization landlocked within the Corporate Oligarchy of Fitzwalkerstan.

      By the way… FYI, I am NOT a union member, nor a public employee. I’m just a commie thug who supports them, because I know that if THEY go down, Walker and his minions are coming after ME next!

  5. You make a valid point that, if the police participate in violent activities, there would be no choice but to call in the N.G.

    How likely is that, though?


  6. I really admire what Gov. Walker is doing.

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