Instead of TV or Talk Radio…

…I have been listening to more  Podcasts as I finish implementing my TV/Media viewing project.

I like to start my day with Adam Corolla Podcast followed by sampling of the Brent Winterble Podcasts. I like to end my day with BuzzOutLoud.

Adam Corolla Show

  • Daily
  • Humor / Pop Culture Personality Driven

Brett Winterble Show (was Covert Radio)

  • Daily
  • National Security and Homeland Security (mostly)
  • I mostly ignore the non-security stuff

Buzz Out Loud

  • Daily
  • Technology and Pop Culture in a fun way

Security Now

  • Weekly
  • Computer Security related topics –  mostly consumer focused

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Show

  • Periodic
  • Fascinating Historical Themes and PoV

Dan Carlin’s Common Sense Show

  • Periodic
  • Political Theme’d Show


Stuff You Missed in History Class

  • Periodic
  • Interesting history/trivia in small bites

Pritzker Military Library Podcasts

  • Periodic
  • Military-related history book talks

The International Spy Museum SpyCast

  • Periodic
  • Espionage/Intelligence/Security-related history talks


  • Periodic
  • Economic Thinking presented in an accessible way

NPR Planet Money

  • Periodic
  • Economics and Finance presented in an accessible/fun way

On Point with Tom Ashbrook

  • Daily
  • Current Events and new non-fiction books mostly

I guess I am a Kevin Smith cultist. I enjoy the humour and talk of his Smodcast Network Podcast:




2 Responses

  1. Mixergy has some interesting entrepreneur interviews

  2. […] more of the ‘Slog ouvre, check out this ‘Slog podcast inventory from […]

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