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    My Home Windows PC Security…

    …culled from tweets.


    I meant to write this for sometime. I just never got around to it. I felt moved to tweet the bare bones notes earlier today.


    I will replicate those here.


    – Avast for AV http://bit.ly/8bcLxX

    – I try to separate out my on-line life as Purpleslog from my real life as XXXX. http://bit.ly/oE15sU

    – I have an use a cross-cut paper shredder http://amzn.to/rhzXeM

    – I don’t use my own email client. I use GMAIL for Purpleslog and Yahoo Email for XXXXX for their anti-malware

    – Secunia Personal Software Inspector for Application patches and updates http://bit.ly/DW9u

    – I have MS Updates set to auto-download. I require it to wait for me to install. http://bit.ly/LncO

    – I have the MS Firewall turned on. http://bit.ly/9MArC

    OpenDNS for some further AV and Mal-ware screening – http://bit.ly/lYju1o http://bit.ly/a66DUI

    – Browser extension WOT – to give warnings of malicious web sites http://bit.ly/dHANri

    – Browser extension Adblock Plus to reduce ads and ad-based malware http://bit.ly/fKVAIL

    – Browser extension Flashblock to curtail unexpected Flash http://bit.ly/eJtzuo

    – Browser extension HTTPS-Everywhere to force more SSL/TLS/HTTPS usage http://bit.ly/aZvj4e

    – I use Foxit as my PDF reader. I don’t uses Adobe’s.  http://bit.ly/oAycMG

    – Choose good passwords. Don’t re-use across systems. I use Password Safe to contain them. http://bit.ly/aqnaeB

    – For my home WiFi, I use good and long passwords. http://bit.ly/cNpJoJ http://bit.ly/lqJSlJ

    – Secure Zip http://www.pkware.com/software/securezip/windows

    I ‘ll add Mac OS/X stuff in the future TBD.


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