50th Anniversary of DR Who is Coming up…

I’d like to see a 50th Anniversary episode that brings back the main living doctor-actors and perhaps others portraying the prior version faithfully.

I don’t want a big action adventure episode though. I want talking and story.

Make it be a TARDIS only episode. The Doctor is alone on the TARDIS for some reason. The TARDIS is dying (maybe). The Doctor is dying (maybe). He is alone…except for the voices and images of his past selves who proceeds to argue and discuss his predicament, his failings, and his companions. Maybe flash back to his youth, and his initial escape from Galifrey with Susan. I am thinking to a bit of Magnum PI episode that was done with the lead character trapped in the ocean with just his own thoughts and stuff for survival. The older doctor/actors can rely mostly on their voices, personality and expressions (use makeup and shadows).

4 Responses

  1. So has anyone ever explained the Doctor’s catastrophic loss of anything resembling fashion sense? Even for the 70s and 80s, some of those outfits are rather eye-popping . . .

  2. I think there was a throwaway comment in one of the recent series about him wanting to standout and not blend in. So, that is the in-story rationale.

    The out-of-story rationale, was the show started out as a children’s show. The current version is appropriate for kids and is adult enough for adults as well.

  3. He’s apparently not done trying to stand out. Saw a retrospective of the last season where he spent at least one episode insisting on wearing a fez. That insistence ended when his friends insisted on yanking it from his head and using it for target practice.

  4. He has used that variant twice now. Once with the Fez and once with a Stetson. Neither lasted very long. Matt Smith is turning out to be a delight as The Doctor. I grew up on Tom Baker. I have liked the new #9 and #10 as well. Matt Smith has become my favorite though I think.

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