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Doctor Who/River Song – Note to Myself

Nobody else will care about this note. I just wanted to get this theory down. I am writing this with  the “Let’s Go Kill Hitler” episode being the last  have seen.

I don’t think we know the River Song story yet. We are being fooled. In the first River Song Episode (supposedly the oldest version of herself), she is an Archeologist. She is cool and calm for the most part.

There is no hint that she has been imprisoned and some sort of super-criminal for a super crime.

At the end of “Let’s Go Kill Hitler”, she goes off to become an archeologist.

Later episodes, in which we assumed were all younger versions, show her more wild and being some sort of super-criminal for a super crime.

I think that her death episodes in  “Silence in the Library“/”Forest of the Dead” is not really her death.

I think the episodes showing her as a special prisoner for being super-criminal for a super crime, come later.

We have not seen the death of River Song.

We do not know how her story plays out.


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