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Brain Dump: New States From Old

CA into 3 (maybe 4…Los Angles as a city-state)
TX into 2 (maybe 3)
FL into 2
IL into 2 (IL and Chicago as a city-state)
NY into 3 (maybe 4, NYC as a city-state, Long Island, West York, Buffalo)
PA into 2 (West and East)
Form Superior from Upper MI/Northern WI

2 Responses

  1. A while back, I heard about an attempt by a group of Sioux Indians to sue (sorry) the Federal Government for the breaking of the Fort Laramie treaties. They hoped, by doing so, they could get the land owed them in the 2nd treaty.

    I’m not sure about that approach, as such. Other tribes get screwed out of the land owed them by the 1st treaty, the US gets broken up and a bunch of non-Indians potentially get displaced. A better approach would be to belatedly honor the Indian treaties (emphasizing the ones with multiple tribes) by giving each tribe’s territory statehood status.

    Between the new states and the leftover pieces of old states, the flag would gain several stars.

  2. The tribes are not going to get that back.

    They should look to get the indian land and asset trust (run by the Interior dept) broken up.


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