What web browser do you use? I currently use Firefox but…

I have been using Firefox for sometime, but it seems to be getting flakier and requires frequent restarts.

I am not running a crazy amount of extensions:

  • AdBlockPlus
  • ColorfulTabs
  • Context Menus Plus
  • Download Status Bar
  • Flashblock
  • HTTPS-Everywhere
  • InFormEnter
  • Link Alert
  • PDF Download
  • Power Twitter
  • Tab Counter
  • WOT

So, I am thinking to moving to something else.

Suggestions?  What web browser do you use?

8 Responses

  1. I’m still using Firefox as my principal browser and it’s flakier for me too. If I were starting from scratch I’d use Opera.

  2. Chrome for normal browsing.

    Firefox for web development.

    Safari for crap.

  3. Thanks guys. I have used chrome a little bit. It seem s pretty stable. I haven’t tried opera in years. I will give it a look.

  4. My experience? The flakiness seems related to the computer I use it on. My 7 year old (ye, gads . . .) laptop forces me to treat it with kid gloves, but my Dad’s computers handle it just fine.

    Opera handles it a bit better, but not by much. I’ve also had Safari and Chrome on there, but they don’t seem to allow the carrying of tabs between sessions; I carry tabs routinely, so I don’t have much experience with them.

  5. I’m obviously biased, but I use IE9 on my Win7 machines, and IE10 on my Win8 machine.

  6. I am trying out “Better Facebook”.

  7. I use chrome now…

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