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  1. Can’t say I’ll have a sleepless night over this.

    But I do feel a little guilty that I haven’t deleted all my blogs yet.

    Where have you been Purple? I had begun to wonder if you had hopped the last train to….somewhere.

  2. His posts were always fun to read.

    I haven’t felt like blogging in a long time. I just felt too tired. It turned out to be a major health condition. At least though it is discovered, treated, and I am on the mend (and facing up to want need to do). I might start posting again this summer. Or maybe not. I would like to write along summary essay on 5GW and related OtherWar stuff why it is still fresh in my head.

    Please don’t delete your old blogs. I sometimes go back to read stuff.

    How have you been? I hope all is well with you CGW.


  3. Glad to hear you are on the mend.

    I’m in something of the same boat, just not diagnosed yet. I don’t have an aversion to doctors, just to doctors’ bills.

    I have been drifting away from the blogging scene for a long time. I always suspect I’ll jump back into it some day, just don’t know when.

    A lot of my earlier posting are in the category “exploratory,” but these days I think I’m done w/ exploration. So now I have to wait for the bug to biteā€”that is, I will write again whenever what I already know ripens sufficiently. No idea when that will be.

  4. I put it off too. It all came to crashing down as something worse then I thought and led to an ER and multi-day hospital stay. My advice…don’t put it off too long. In retrospect, I think I had the symptoms 2-3 years ago (as I think about it retroactively).

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