My Personal Romney Campaign FUBAR

This is a sign of a poorly run campaign.

Weeks ago, I ordered some Romney/Ryan campaign buttons. I was going to keep one on a jacket, one on my satchel, and have a few extra to hang out.  I followed the link on the Romney campaign site and placed my order.

I never got the order.  I assumed it had been lost or stolen.

Oh well. Shit happens.

Then I got this email earlier today:




The buttons were not even shipped until several days after the election.


4 Responses

  1. Ha ha!

    Well you can use them for 2016. JK. OTOH, maybe they’ll be collector items. Just keep the email with them; that’s called, “provenance.”

    Apparently their supposedly high tech get out the vote efforts were a bust too.

    ORCA: guess it got beached.

    Obama referred to his own election team as being the best that has ever existed in politics. This may well be true, given the weakness they had to work around; but their competition wasn’t great, so who knows?

    • Thanks for the the ORCA mention. It looks like their problems were widespread.

      If the Dems/OBama are smart, they spin-off Obama’s IT-ish methods/stuff to the DNC so it can be used built upon for future Dem candidates.

  2. I got my email too. $600 worth of campaign stuff: stickers, t-shirts, signs. Shipped Nov. 10. It’s a signpost of a poorly-run campaign, I suppose.

    • Yes it is.You would think the RNC would set up a support org to have a standby online store for Republican campaign stuff and election IT support so that regardless of who the candidate is, they don’t have to re-invent the wheel each time..

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