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    Wiki for Anti-Anti-Islamofascists and the Practice of Open Source Espionage

    I found a reference at SlashDot to something called Wikileaks which says: Wikileaks is developing an uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis. Our primary interest is in exposing oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet bloc, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, but we also expect to be of assistance to people […]

    Eurabia Rising: Polling, Anti-Anti-Islamofascists, The Media, Muslims And The Muslim Threat

    Shrinkwrapped says in a wide ranging article on Euro-Muslim beliefs: In Western countries there has been the gradual slippage of the press’s traditional role, which rested on the ideal of objectivity in gathering and presenting news. Since the heady days of Watergate and Vietnam, the press has taken upon itself the task of advocating progressive […]

    Open Source Espionage and the Anti-Anti-Islamofascists

    David Frum has an article entitled Whose Side Is the Left On about two concepts I have been mulling over in my mind recently: the emergence of Open Source Espionage and the non-trivial existence of Anti-Anti-Islamofascists. He writes about what I call Open Source Espionage: The Times’ terrorism-financing story followed two other intensely damaging leaks: […]

    WMD Found in IRAQ; Anti-Anti-Islamofascists Wave it Off

    Shrinkwrapped (who is not an Anti-Anti-Islamofascist), in a post entitled If a Tree Falls in the Forest, points out: Yesterday afternoon John Stephenson reported that Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) and Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.) had released the details of a recently declassified document: …. the finding of over 500 munitions or weapons of mass destruction, […]

    Anti-Anti-Islamofascists Expose US Intelligence Operation Monitoring International Financial Transactions

    ZenPundit reports the the anti-anti-islamofascists strike again in an article entitled: The New York Times As Al Qaida’s Counterintelligence Arm. He writes: Covert or cut-out financial transfers of funds are the lifeblood of jihadism and terror operations and detecting these activities is now going to be immeasurably harder, as more al Qaida funds transfers are […]

    9/10/2001 and 9/11/2001

    I don’t have anything to add to my old 9/10/2001 and 9/11/2001 posts. My country – The USA – is a divided nation. USGOV and large parts of the public refuse to name our enemies. The enemy hasn’t been defeated – yet. The US Economy nosedive is harming US National Security. Our future capabilities and […]

    Israel Lost its 4GW with Hezbollah

    The always interesting TDAXP thinks Israel won the recent 4GW War with Hezbollah. I do not agree. He writes: Israel recognizes that isolation leads to defeat, so she attempts to maximize her connectivity while minimizing the connectivity of her enemy, Hezbollah. And elsewhere in the comments: 4GW is warfare based on Orientation state, very similar […]

    Lawfare Attempt by Human Rights Watch

    Via Volokh.com: Roth claims that international humanitarian law required Israel to “treat[] Lebanese civilians as human beings whose lives are as valuable as Israelis’.” Can you imagine any government doing this? In other words, a terrorist group in Gaza or Lebanon is attacking Israeli civilian targets. According to Roth’s logic, Israel can only retaliate if […]

    This Unfrozen Caveman Voter Is A Bit Pissed

    In TCS Daily, an article called Unfrozen Caveman Voter: Don’t caricature this attitude with a desire for more invasions, more nation-building, more regime-change, random airstrikes, or wanton slaughter. It’s hard to say just what policy exactly might satisfy the caveman demographic. But really, the Unfrozen Caveman Voter intuits a large portion of the art of […]

    Lawfare Attack Being Prepared Aginst Israel

    Via LGF: Here we go again: International jurists group to probe Israel-Hezbollah conflict. Prediction: these mostly European elite “jurists” will produce a totally unbalanced report focusing on Israel’s “violations of humanitarian and human rights law,” with only the most cursory recognition of the fact that Hizballah is an illegitimate terrorist force using civilians routinely as […]

    Where My Sense of Urgency Comes From In the War

    I made this comment at the Dr Sanity Blog: Chunky…you are right that given enough time the liberty example could serve as antidote. Time is the problem. There is a race on. The race is between: 1) How long it takes the liberty antidote to fundamentally change Arab/Islamic civilization (How many years or decades? …and… […]

    The Enemy in the Sunlight

    Communists, Islamofascists, Anti-Anti-Islamofascists and their Useful Idiots come together in San Francisco as photo documented by the very cool Zombie. The American Ostriches still do not see.

    Western Media At War

    LGF has a post with a map showing the (lack of) devastation in Beirut. LGF shows the media is not reporting on Beirut accurately. The question –> is it: Sloppy/Bad reporting? anti-anti-islamofascists supporting islamofascists? emotionally involved and dramatizing by reporters on the ground who are in the thick of it? I always understood the purpose […]

    Sampling The YouTube Battlefield

    4GW is about sending messages to your opponents, your allies, and fence sitters. Actual kinetic warfare is also in the context of message sending. Recently, I have been exploring YouTube for its vidigoodness. In the context of 4GW, YouTube is a cheap, global distribution mechanism for video messages. Israel’s war against Islamofascism has moved there […]

    The Pattern of Arab/Islamic Despots In War

    Treppenwitz notes a pattern in the way Arab/Islamic despots approach war: 1. Instigate a war. 2. Once the war is well underway and you are in the process of having your ass handed to you… get a few world powers to force your western opponent into a cease fire. 3. Whatever you do, don’t surrender […]

    The Jihad Moves to Flickr

    I am a big fan of Flickr and its photo-goodiness. So, this is kind of a sad discovery. Flickr too is being used as a tool of Jihad (to send 4GW messages). You can use this link as a starting point. I got pissed when REDDIT and Digg were mostly ruined (especially the comments) by […]

    Althouse Covers the UW-Madison Nutbag Lecturer and 9/11 Denialist’s Appearance on “Hannity and Colmes”

    Ann Althouse covers the Kevin Barrett including commentary and video. My take: This guy make Wisconsin look stupid He exposes, unintentionally, high ranking UW-Madison Officials as Anti-Anti-Islamofascists He is devaluing my degree and and those of my fellow and future alumni in the eyes of future employers

    My New Term: Open Source Espionage

    With the actions of the New York Times fresh in my mind, and while driving home listening to some leftists on NPR re-assure themselves, I yelled out a phrase – Open Source Espionage. Open Source Espionage (OSE?) will be used in 4GW (and 5GW…though I haven’t thought about this in that context). Consider this clear […]

    What Would a 5GW Civil War for the American Nation Look Like?

    I write about the anti-anti-islamofascists here: If the citizens and residents of the USA are not mostly united about the idea of the American Nation and Western Civilization we can not hope to win the combo 4GW/5GW war that we face against the Islamofascists. How large is the internal enemy: 10% / 20% / 30% […]

    Possible Explanation for the Growing Coziness Between Islamofascists and Transnational Progressives

    It has seemed very strange to me that Transnational Progressives and Islomafascists are making common cause on some things. I thought that their opposite views on religion and competing power goals would have kept them apart. I figured the Tranzis were taking a tactical position of anti-anti-islamofascists because they didn’t really see islamofascism as a […]