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“Everybody Draws Mohammed Day”

I don’t have the artistic ability to offer an original contribution to “Everybody Draws Mohammed Day“, but out of solidarity let me…

…display this…

…and link to the historical images at the Mohammed Image Archive.

Top USA Security Challenges

Here are my top 5 (in no particular order):

1) Develop a pretty darn good Influence Warfare capability.

2) Finish the win in Iraq. Win in Afghanistan. Prevent a civil war in Pakistan if possible. Take down the Mullahs of Iran – one way or another. Carry on (with the goal of winning) the Long War against Islamofascism.

3) Partner with Mexico to help MexGov avoid|win the Narco/4GW civil War. Closen US-Mexico relations.

4) Manage the China Relationship. Help grow (nudge) China into being a security and stabilization partner. Nudge China away from the path of being a USA adversary.

5) Manage the intra-Western Hemisphere relationship into being USA friendly, democratic capitalism friendly, cooperative on security issues, anti-narco, pro economic devlopmentandfree trade. Welcome back Cuba into the fold.


Hollywood has finally found a real hero to do a Afganistan War movie about…

George Clooney (Actor, Filmmaker, and one of Obama’s 300 Foreign Policy advisors) is going to make a movie on Osama bin Laden’s driver Al-Qaeda operative Salim Hamdan.

So, Anti-Anti-Islamofascist Clooney is now going to act as propagandists for the other side.

The the Idea that a new American Cold|5GW Civil War is taking place looks more plausible all the time.

Question: Is the correct name for this category “Influence Warfare?”

Is Influence Warfare the correct name for the category that includes the following?

Strategic Communications

Public Diplomacy

Public Affairs

Psyops/Morale Operations

White Propaganda

Black Propaganda

Political Warfare

– Covert Action to turn (and run) an individual into an agent-in-place or agent-of-influence



Memetic Engineering


Brand Management



– I know there is overlap.
– I assume there is a counter-X to each of the above that is part of influence warfare.
– I do not include the technical actions of co-opting information and communication technology.

Am I missing anything?

Should I use a different name?

Question Mark

Links – Political Warfare / StratCom / Psyops / Related

Note: I have been hording these, so they are not all current.

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LGF Link: “Al-Qaeda As Brand Name”

Here is the link.

Branding is coupled to marketing. The whole thing seems very meme-ish.

I haven’t had time or desire to blog much recently, but it might be interesting to do a post inter-relating branding, marketing, memetic engineering, information warfare, and then with 4GW and/or 5GW.