Favorite TV Shows of 2012-2013

Favorite TV Shows of 2012-2013



Realty Show

Late Night Talk Show

  • Red Eye (FNC)

Podcast (substituting for TV consumption:


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Time for a Theme Song for the “Financial Cliff”

My choice is “Ship of Fools” by World Party:

I’ve used it before.

Doctor Who/River Song – Note to Myself

Nobody else will care about this note. I just wanted to get this theory down. I am writing this with  the “Let’s Go Kill Hitler” episode being the last  have seen.

I don’t think we know the River Song story yet. We are being fooled. In the first River Song Episode (supposedly the oldest version of herself), she is an Archeologist. She is cool and calm for the most part.

There is no hint that she has been imprisoned and some sort of super-criminal for a super crime.

At the end of “Let’s Go Kill Hitler”, she goes off to become an archeologist.

Later episodes, in which we assumed were all younger versions, show her more wild and being some sort of super-criminal for a super crime.

I think that her death episodes in  “Silence in the Library“/”Forest of the Dead” is not really her death.

I think the episodes showing her as a special prisoner for being super-criminal for a super crime, come later.

We have not seen the death of River Song.

We do not know how her story plays out.

My Favorite TV Shows 2010-2011ish Season

The Top 2:

Doctor Who – The writing, the acting, and the music…the current season has me hooked fully.  Matt Smith  has turned out to be the best Doctor and the story lines have matured and modernized. This was my favorite show for the past season.

Louis – A comedy/drama unlike any show. Season Two this summer has gotten better with each episode. It is an amazing show.

…and the rest in no particular order…

Archer – A LOL Spy parody/celebration/throwback. Enjoy these clips!

How I Met Your Mother – Funny Sitcom with dramatic moments. Two more season to go.

Big Bang Theory – The season started weak as Sheldon and Friends, but it ended strong as an expanded ensemble comedy.

Outsourced – A fish-out-of-water sitcom as an American is transferred to India to take over his company’s newly outsourced call center. The show was sweet and funny. PC types called it racists…which says more about them then the show. It was not renewed after its one season.

Modern Family – A sitcom that seems traditional but is executed perfectly…perfectly amusing!

Wilfred – A failed suicidal man dealing with an early mid-life crisis has a dog come into his life that he can communicate with it. Or possibly a man in a dog suit. Or possible he is insane. Hilarity and drama commence.

Community – A sitcom based around a fun ensemble cast with lots (but not too much) pop culture references and meta-humor.

Men of  Certain Age – A comedy/drama about men just past their prime. Alas, it has since been cancelled.

Terriers – Low-rent private ivestiagtors…great acting and stories. Also cancelled (after just one season).

Detroit 1-8-7 – This standard homicide detective show was elevated by superior acting, stories and the shows look and feel. Also cancelled  (after just one season).

Justified – Season 2 of this modern western improved upon its great premier season.

The Good Wife – A lawyer based drama but with excellent execution, acting and story-lines. I watched the premier by accident and have been hooked since then,

Mentalist – It seems to be a traditional detective/crime show but is enhanced by the acting/antics/PoV of the main character.

Shark Tank – An entrepreneurship reality show of sorts.

Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld – My favorite late night show…though I like The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson as well.

Tekzilla – A technology news and demo show available on the web

The following are my top podcast choice. They are not TV shows, but I am using them to substitute for radio listening and TV viewing:

The Adam Carollo Podcast – Humor from Adam’s life and PoV on things.

Buzz Out Loud – A light hearted end-of-the day technology news roundup show

Hardcore HistoryThe top – but infrequent – history podcast

The Nerdist – Pop Culture Humor from the Nerd/Geek PoV

50th Anniversary of DR Who is Coming up…

I’d like to see a 50th Anniversary episode that brings back the main living doctor-actors and perhaps others portraying the prior version faithfully.

I don’t want a big action adventure episode though. I want talking and story.

Make it be a TARDIS only episode. The Doctor is alone on the TARDIS for some reason. The TARDIS is dying (maybe). The Doctor is dying (maybe). He is alone…except for the voices and images of his past selves who proceeds to argue and discuss his predicament, his failings, and his companions. Maybe flash back to his youth, and his initial escape from Galifrey with Susan. I am thinking to a bit of Magnum PI episode that was done with the lead character trapped in the ocean with just his own thoughts and stuff for survival. The older doctor/actors can rely mostly on their voices, personality and expressions (use makeup and shadows).

Instead of TV or Talk Radio…

…I have been listening to more  Podcasts as I finish implementing my TV/Media viewing project.

I like to start my day with Adam Corolla Podcast followed by sampling of the Brent Winterble Podcasts. I like to end my day with BuzzOutLoud.

Adam Corolla Show

  • Daily
  • Humor / Pop Culture Personality Driven

Brett Winterble Show (was Covert Radio)

  • Daily
  • National Security and Homeland Security (mostly)
  • I mostly ignore the non-security stuff

Buzz Out Loud

  • Daily
  • Technology and Pop Culture in a fun way

Security Now

  • Weekly
  • Computer Security related topics –  mostly consumer focused

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Show

  • Periodic
  • Fascinating Historical Themes and PoV

Dan Carlin’s Common Sense Show

  • Periodic
  • Political Theme’d Show


Stuff You Missed in History Class

  • Periodic
  • Interesting history/trivia in small bites

Pritzker Military Library Podcasts

  • Periodic
  • Military-related history book talks

The International Spy Museum SpyCast

  • Periodic
  • Espionage/Intelligence/Security-related history talks


  • Periodic
  • Economic Thinking presented in an accessible way

NPR Planet Money

  • Periodic
  • Economics and Finance presented in an accessible/fun way

On Point with Tom Ashbrook

  • Daily
  • Current Events and new non-fiction books mostly

I guess I am a Kevin Smith cultist. I enjoy the humour and talk of his Smodcast Network Podcast:



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