Link – “The Megamerge Dissolution Solution” – Great article on USAv3 (aka USAv2 + Mexico)

Read it here.

It is long and fun to read. More importantly, it comes more ground with how a USAv3 would look and makes it quite exciting!

Here are Three excerpts:

Never fear, a satisfying, comprehensive solution is within reach: the Megamerge Dissolution Solution. Simply dissolve the border along with the failed Mexican government, and megamerge the two countries under U.S. law, with mass free 2-way migration eventually equalizing the development and opportunities permanently, with justice and without racism, and without threatening U.S. sovereignty or basic principles.

And forget about English being the only official language except for maybe the proceedings of the U.S. Congress, if even that. Nobody can force you to switch from English to Spanish, we got computers that can translate for us already, and Spanish is easy to learn, since it’s absorbed a zillion American words anyway, and is simpler and more logical, try it, they got gorgeous blonde babes in South America for you white racists to make passes at, and all young Spanish-speaking men and women have something to teach gringos about being laid-back and happy without selling out to the rat race, pass the Corona and lime, you have a date with a Disney dummy. Obviously, even after the megamerge the English speakers will far outnumber the Spanish speakers, and will have the lure of jobs and opportunity to attract them into learning English, so don’t get scared, get glad, our children will all have better computers than we do.

The Extreme South would be like the Great American West used to be, sorry, I’m a historyscoper and love to make historical arguments, a new land of opportunity for white and all the other rainbow of Americans to find a new beginning, and instead of a flood going north, which we already have now, there would more likely be a flood of migration to the south, no passports anymore, it’s all one country, we’re all fellow citizens, just think think thank and grow rich. And after children are born there, as genuine Americans, and think of it as their home, the old border that was holding their parents back will seem like a dead dinosaur of the antiquated dumbass past, I miss you mom, hello? And no, not all gringos like each other, anymore than all Mexicans like each other, that’s why we have 50 states and they have 31, you already picked the one of your choice, including the umpteen million who voted with their feet to crash the U.S.-Mexico border, so after the megamerge there will still be plenty of pockets in all the states for incorrigible village racists of all stripes, right ese, who are the Wachowski brothers? But we will all be under the same federal laws and love our country and flag and want to participate in its democracy and fight for it, try messing with us now Osama and Imadinnajacket, Americans have already figured out that their village racism fades fast when they’re sharing foxholes, who walks around and says I’m a liberal I’m a liberal I had my first orgasm during the Democratic Convention?

USAv3 – Not getting closer

I came across this that I wrote at TDAXP in 2006:

Canadian provinces will be free join when/if if the Canadian Union breaks apart (I assume Quebec will go it alone). The Western provinces would be a nice addition. Anyways, unless federalism is strong at the time they might not want to join. A free trade and mutual defense pact with the UK would help grease the way. Maybe just let Special Ambassador Shatner work it all out.

Puerto Rico gets a chance to select statehood every 10 years. As Mexico prospers in USAv3, I think the vote outcomes will change.

Cuba would need at least a post-Castro generation before they would consider joining as USAv3. Cuba is small compared to Mexico, so the benefits will be smaller then when the MUS joins the USA. Attitudes would be a problem until a generation or so goes by. Early post-Castro: pull Cuba into NAFTA; deploy Peace Corp business/development vollenteers, and open up several American University extentions.

I am okay with Guyana eigther becoming a state or a comonwealth. The gains would be smaller then that of union with Mexico. Perhaps the small size of Guyana would make it an interesting test lab. The proximity to Venezulea might be a security problem.

Other candidates (once we have the process down with Mexico): Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guam, Bermuda, Jamaica.

The choices here are: The USA-ization of Mexico vs the Mexico-ization of the USA. Neigther is easy. The current way isn’t working. The Mexico-ization of the USA is not something I want. That leaves the USA-ization of Mexico.

The USA-ization remains the goal from my PoV.

It would seem with the Narco-4GW emerging in Mexico and with Silver Spoon Socialists and their usefull idiots looting US Wealth and Future Wealth, this would seem to be farther away then it was 2 years ago.

Maybe this is an opportunity.

I could get behind a political movements that has these things as tenets:

– Pro-Entrepreneurship
– Anti-Elites and Anti-Silver Spoon Socialism
– USA-ization of Mexico
Too-Big-Tool-Fail treated instead as an Anti-Trust/ Forced Break-up issue
– Strong on Security

I have had similar thoughts before.

The System That Is America and “Palin is qualified for high office by temperament if not by education, and is preferable to candidates whose education has made no improvement on their characters”

A great line by “Spengler” on Palin at the Asia Times!

The article has much insight on The System That Is America (I am trying out that the phrase of my own), that is often lacking from our own media, establishment elites and my fellow citizens:

All the PhDs and MBAs in the world can’t make a capital market work, but ordinary people like Sarah Palin can. Laws depend on the will of the people to enforce them. It is the initiative of ordinary people that makes America’s political system the world’s most reliable.

America is the heir to a long tradition of Anglo-Saxon law that began with jury trial and the Magna Carta and continued through the English Revolution of the 17th century and the American Revolution of the 18th. Ordinary people like Palin are the bearers of this tradition.

Outside of the United States, the young governor of Alaska has become a figure of ridicule – someone who did not own a passport until last year and who quaintly believes that her state’s proximity to Russia gives her insights on foreign policy. How, my European friends ask, was it possible for such an an ignorant bumpkin to become a candidate for America’s second-highest office? They don’t understand America.

Provincial America depends on the initiative of ordinary people to get through the day. America has something like an Education Ministry, but it has little money to dispense. Americans pay for most of their school costs out of local taxes, and levy those taxes on themselves. In small towns, many public agencies, including fire protection and emergency medical assistance, depend almost entirely on volunteers. People who tax themselves, and give their own time and money for services on which communities depend, are not easily cowed by the federal government or by large corporations.
Palin really did take on the American oil companies and turn the scoundrels out of office. Her predecessor, Frank Murkowski, appointed her to the state oil and gas commission in the apparent belief that a small-town mayor and former beauty queen would rubber-stamp corrupt deals between the state and the Big Oil companies.

Shades of Jimmy Stewart in Mr Smith Goes to Washington, Palin ran against Murkowski and took his job. That does not qualify her to be president, to be sure, but it does show cunning and strength of character. Palin is qualified for high office by temperament if not by education, and is preferable to candidates whose education has made no improvement on their characters.
One doesn’t see demonstrations by wronged peasants in the small towns of America. There never were peasants – American farmers always were entrepreneurs – and the locals avenge injury by taking over their local governments, which have sufficient authority to make a difference. At the capillary level, school boards, the Parent Teachers’ Association, self-administered religious organizations and volunteer organizations incubate a political class entirely different from anything to be found in Asia. There are tens of thousands of Sarah Palins lurking in the minor leagues of American politics, and they are the guarantors of market probity.
The trouble is that rich Asians don’t lend to poor Asians in their own countries. Capital markets don’t work in the developing world because it is too easy to steal money. Subprime mortgages in the US have suffered from poor documentation. What kind of documentation does one encounter in countries where everyone from the clerk at the records office to the secretary who hands you a form requires a small bribe? America is litigious to a fault, but its courts are fair and hard to corrupt.

Asians are reluctant to lend money to each other under the circumstances; they would rather lend money in places where a hockey mom can get involved in local politics and, on encountering graft and corruption, run a successful campaign to turn the scoundrels out. You do not need PhDs and MBAs for that. You need ordinary people who care sufficiently about the places in which they live to take control of their own towns and states when required. And, yes, it doesn’t hurt if they own guns. Popular gun ownership places a limit on the abuse of state power.

I know what side I fall on.

Go get the bastards Jimmy!

Here is what my brain is screaming: How do we make the next version of the USA?

I am pretty pissed. This is all I can think of right now.

It is time to put this statist / Marxist / corrupt-elites crap behind us once and for all.

Update: Read this at Amicablecollisions

Is it going too far to conclude that our political class is a greater threat to America than Al Qaeda? Yeah, but it’s hard to see how whatever good they do outweighs the bad. I guess the only consolation is that as I read more political history I realize that this is not a unique problem of our time and that the US has done pretty well for itself despite our politicians.

The above is a great comment – despair and hope tied together – and just what I need to read about now..

“They need a Mexican Awakening where the people of mexico follow the model of Hidalgo from 1810 and take their country back”

So says Brent Winterable on this episode of covert radio referencing the past on the possible coming (4GW-ish) narco-driven civil war involving Mexico, the narco-gangs, and inevitably the United States.

Fidel Castro Has Resigned

I am listening to this on TV – CNN International.

We know what to do – time for the soft take-down. Well, the time was well over a year ago to start.

“Today Zapata’s grandson, who lives in misery, tells me why the legacy of the revolution is an unmitigated failure with respect to peasants in the countryside.”

Read it here.

The land was given to the
people, all right,” says Emiliano. “Under the ejido system, a
plot of land was handed to peasant villages and communities, and each one
appointed a commissar to preside over it. Then the politicians bribed or
co-opted the appointees and politicized the whole thing. The local party
bosses would get the commissars to inflate the price of public works in
their villages and towns, splitting the excess money with them. The commissars
would also ensure that the ejidatarios gave political support to the party.””


“Mexico’s official history has
always maintained that Zapata fought for a socialist revolution. He did
not. Zapata was many things — a womanizer, a drinker, an occasional bandit.
Some of his ideas were muddled, but he was no socialist. As the son of
small-property owners — they lived in an adobe house whose ruins I visited
in Anenecuilco — Zapata genuinely wanted his people to own their land.
He mistrusted the state: He even refused to sit in the presidential chair
when, in 1914, he and Pancho Villa entered Mexico City, seemingly on the
verge of total victory in their revolution.”

Mexico should join the US state-by-state.

“Unified North American”

This web site is all about a union of the USA and Canada and seems to be written by Canadians.

Here are something interesting things from the faq:

  • A mature North American Union already exists, and its name is the United States of America. There need not be a supranational institution in North America working between three different federal governments, when there is already a successful and democratic union of 50 states that Canada’s provinces have already been given an open invitation to join.
  • Obviously, the first step towards any larger North America is the amalgamation of Canada and the United States. Should it stop there or progress further is a question that will need to be determined later on.
  • The US model is preferred because it is believed to be considerably better in terms of its representation, and checks and balances. People in the US are represented directly by individual elected representatives in Congress and in their state legislatures, not by Parliamentarians, which are ruled by strict party discipline. The leader of the nation is elected in a nationwide election, not indirectly chosen by the ruling party. The Senate serves to represent the regionalism of the nation as a whole, not the legacy of past Prime Ministers. Finally and most importantly, the United States Constitution contains all of the values and principles we hold dear in one short, clear and understandable document. The US government is certainly not a flawless institution, but it does have a framework that has proven to successfully balance powers between federal and regional governments unlike any other in the world.
  • Undoubtedly, people who are proud Canadians would continue to be proud Canadians within a United North America. In the United States, Texans are proud Texans, Southerners are proud Southerners, etc. Cultures and identities are not swallowed up or obliterated in the United States of America.
  • The United States of America would still be an apt description of the country with the addition of Canadian regions. However, renaming this Union would not be out of the question. The United States of America could change its name to the United States of North America, United North America or even something completely different altogether. It would be up to the democratic will of the people.
  • The Monarchy would obviously have no place within a United North America, as it truly is an antiquated system of government that serves no real purpose in the 21st century. Unlike Canada, the United States has no official language. English, French, Spanish and German have all been used at the governmental level in the United States. No current US federal law prohibits any state or local government from operating in a different languag
  • Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories would all be welcome to eventually apply to become states within the Union. However, these territories are sparsely populated, contain a population base who have different cultures, and have traditionally sought greater autonomy. Therefore, a good solution may be for these territories to become self-governing territories within a United North America

They go province by province here.

I am okay with this this. I think the biggest bang comes from bringing in Mexico though. Open Source Federal Government Watchdogs

This is an interesting site –> : tracks the bills in Congress, along with estimates about their costs or savings, when available.

It has a wiki too!

More of this please.

A Bold Suggestion For Cuba

Peter F. Schaefer writes in TCS Daily:

Writing in the current issue of Foreign Affairs, Julia Sweig, the Director of Latin America Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations,[…] “…that moment has come and gone …the post-Fidel transition is already well under way. Power has been successfully transferred to a new set of leaders, whose priority is to preserve the system while permitting only very gradual reform.”

and then suggests:

President Bush could speak from the Oval Office and say to the Cuban people:

“We are close to you Cubans geographically, economically, socially and historically. Americans died to liberate you from Spanish oppression and gave you sovereignty four years later.

“But the sad truth is that for decades we then supported authoritarian regimes and business investments that were not in the best interests of the Cuban people. And so perhaps someone like Mr. Castro was inevitable. If American actions led to Mr. Castro, we regret this since he has taken the Cuban people down an unproductive path. As a result, you all now live in greater poverty and with less freedom than you ever would have suffered had you gradually evolved to true democracy as so many of your neighbors have done.

“But that is the past. Today Cubans are an important part of America’s population and Spanish is virtually our second language. Cubans have found success because the American system supports their talents. They have used the American system to work their way up in business, sports and politics.

“America has let you down before and I would like to propose one possible way for us to begin again. I am prepared to use the power of my presidency to propose to Congress and the American people that they pass legislation which would open the way for Cubans to choose to become the 51st state in our union.

“If you choose to join our union, you would get a modern system of laws and in one moment, become fully integrated in the largest economy in the world, as well as the larger global economy.

“If you agree with me through open elections, I would propose to the American people and our Congress that Cuba be granted Commonwealth status, like Puerto Rico, for six years while resident Cubans themselves work to create a constitution, establish the rule of law, elect all your officials and invest American federal funds in needed social and physical infrastructure in Cuba.

“As you no doubt know, the USA is a federation of fifty states each of which has enormous power under our constitution in the areas of taxation, laws, policing and elections. States even have the right to form and maintain a militia of their citizens under the command of the governor, and Cuba would be no different.

“This offer should not be viewed by the Cuban people as an indication that America will ever take the initiative to have Cuba join our nation. While we believe that there are strong economic, social, political and even geographic reasons for federation, no territory has become a part of the USA except by means of a majority of people in that territory requesting entry. Cuba would be no different. As a Commonwealth, Cuba could – like Puerto Rico – choose to become a state, remain a commonwealth or become an independent nation. The six years of Commonwealth status could be used by Cubans to modernize and prepare to become a modern, independent state, or a member of the United States. It’s up to you. The door is open.”

Read the whole thing, it is interesting.

My own suggestions for Cuba are much more modest. I think Cuba must be post-Castro for a generation before it would want to join USAv3 as one or more states.

I do like his ideas. So, go ahead and make the offer, then back off and let the private sector and individuals do the rest.

“America needs a new elite”

Zenpundit writes:

While we can differ on details, I am more or less in agreement with Fabius that America’s elite, both Left and Right, have failed the people and the soldiers in Iraq with their uncertainty, fecklessness, paralysis and addiction to self-absorbed partisanship. America needs a new elite, the old one has lost heart, nerve and to a certain extent -their head. They lack the will to prosecute the war on terror and the skill to execute it well. I’m not sure we’ll see great improvement in statesmanship either until the Boomers start yielding their place to GenX’ers.

Zenpundit is onto something.

I am not impressed with the National Leadership presented by the boomers.

Honestly, I am not impressed with the “Boomer” managers and executives I have interacted with my entire career (I am on the old end of the GenXers).

Greatness for America comes from a diverse set of human capital where merit should be king. That seems to be in decline.

Perhaps it should be the mission of GenXers and GenYers to minimize the damage being caused by action and inaction of the Boomers.

Sunday Afternoon LinkSpasm

These are interesting things you might like to read. It is a long post though…

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WTF is Aztec Math?

Michelle Malkin mentions/mocks “Aztec Math.

My thought: WTF is is Aztec Math?

I guess it turns out to Aztec characters. That should be a good education for those kids. Jeez.

Aztec Math will not be taught in USAv3.

Mexican Lawfare against the US: Mexico Threatens Suits Over Guard Patrols

I guess Mexico really is supporting a 4G movement against the US.

In reaction to the US President announcing some (fairly small) illegal immigration countermeasures, Mexico announced they would begin to practice Lawfare against the US (in addition to Population / Immigration warfare, Media warfare and Diplomatic Warfare)

Via digg:

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – Mexico said Tuesday that it would file lawsuits in U.S. courts if National Guard troops on the border become directly involved in detaining migrants.

read more

Of course, the real way to deal with this is to softly Annex Mexico and create USAv3.

New Word: Mexitude

Via Freedom Folks, a new word: Mexitude

The de facto control of social and political policy by illegal aliens.

Think dhimmitude, but substitute Colorado for Kandahar, and La Raza for The Religion of Peace.

The correct way to fight Mexitude long-term is to annex Mexico and create USAv3: Expand the USA south, not the MUS north.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

From Wikipedia:

It commemorates the victory of Mexican forces led by General Ignacio Zaragoza over the French expeditionary forces in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

The battle between the French and Mexican armies occurred on May 5 when Zaragoza's ill-equipped militia of 4,500 men encountered the better armed French force. However, Zaragoza's small and nimble cavalry units were able to prevent French dragoons from taking the field and overwhelming the Mexican infantry. With the dragoons removed from the main attack, the Mexicans routed the remaining French soldiers with a combination of their tenacity, inhospitable terrain, and a stampede of cattle set off by local peasants. The invasion was stopped and crushed.

America loves a good fight with a surprise victory by the underdog. After MUS joins the United States in USAv3, Cinco De Mayo should become a USAv3 national holiday. Smart politicians will maneuver to admit the Mexican states to the USAv3 on May 5th.

(photo via Flickr Originally uploaded by Elan Photography)

Federalism and USAv3

Richard Samuelson writes in Real Clear Politics about Federalism:

Can states' rights end the culture war? Commentators from David Brooks to Andrew Sullivan to David Gelernter believe that it can. According to Sullivan, in an essay in The New Republic, "The whole point of federalism is that different states can have different public policies on matters of burning controversy–and that this is okay."


A federal approach to cultural issues might worsen things, at least in the near term. As we saw in the Terry Schiavo case, separating state from national issues won't be easy. Federalism works when jurisdiction is clear, but cultural issues create murky and contentious jurisdictional controversies. That has allowed our advocacy groups to make federal cases of them.

and finally

It might be healthy for our body politic to return these issues to the states, for principled contention and compromise are essential parts of citizenship. If we go that way, the transition will not be easy. We should not pretend it will be otherwise.

This should server partially as a sanity check for a USAv3 (MUS joins with the USA) idea that I and others have gotten interested in.

TDAXP rightly points out that a USAv3 would require a strong federalist philosophy. By keeping local issues local and by loosening up on centralization tendencies. Federalism is hard in practice. It is easy to say theoretically on some issue that are are morally opposed to it, but will consent to geographic neighbor practicing it.

Take prostitution. My libertarian (small-L) tendencies say it should be allowed as long as it remains discreet. In practice…when I was 20 years old and working summers for the local city in which I live, I discovered a prostitution service fronting as a tailoring store (closed, but the phone number was large to call for appointments). While my truck went around the block (it was too big to make a U-turn), I saw the prostitute emerge, make the deal, and enter the car for a lunch time noon-er. I was amused. Then that evening I told my buddy's Dad what I saw (he was a local Police Detective). This was rather minor in all, but when push went to shove I didn't like it happening in my city.

Before any USAv3 can happen, the USA needs to start moving back to federalism now. Federalism must be re-embraced as a core principle of the American Political System.

Annex Mexico? The Meme Spreads!

Instapundit links to himself and spreads the TDAXP meme of USA+Mexico=USA (which I call USAv3):

So maybe we've been thinking about this the wrong way. Instead of worrying about Mexicans invading America, maybe what we need is for the United States to annex Mexico.

He is not suggesting that it happens right away, but that at least the paving of the path should begin:

Oh, we don't need to turn Mexico into a state, or several. At least not right away. But as part of any immigration deal, the United States needs to demand reform in Mexico. Serious political reform, and serious economic reform.

And reciprocity. If we're going to make it easy for Mexicans to come to the United States to live, work, hold property, and get public benefits without too much paperwork trouble, we need to make it easy for Americans to do the same in Mexico. Right now, as several people have noticed, the environment there is considerably less friendly to foreigners than America's is.

My own thoughts were mostly concerned with what should be done on the USAv2 side as a prelude to USAv3, but work would need to be done on the Mexico side to prepare as well. This might make for an interesting application of near-domestic PNM theory, but I will have to think on that for awhile.

Ideologies and USAv3

Econlog has a post that links to the article on TCS entitled Tribal Politics that is about immigration.

In it, Arnold Kling lays-out competing ideologies/systems:

Transnational Libertarianism

  • individual rights based
  • no economic borders
  • locally focused
  • amoral relativism (Purpleslog description)
  • Utopian
  • big problem: getting there from here
  • This the Kling preference


  • Islam as transnational expansionist totalitarian political movement

Transnational Progressivism aka Tranzis

Statist Collectivism

  • Big government
  • Power centralization orientation
  • Nationalism
  • As defined by Kling there seems to be no distinction between a democratic focus and totalitarian focus.
  • According to Kling this ideology's adherents broadly include President Bush and Paul Krugman

I think I would add to this by making a distinction between Democratic focused Statist Collectivism and Totalitarian focused Statist Collectivism.

A few days ago wrote about the direction I would like to see the America go in, entitled USA version 3. I am still just starting to be express the idea. The USAv3 as I see will be a sort of USAv2 + Mexico as a Market-State with American Core values. This ideology would be Nationalistic Libertarianism.

Nationalistic Libertarianism

  • Maintain national identity and values (including democracy and capitalism)
  • Expand economic and political borders
  • Smaller government, more federalism
  • Concerned with National Security
  • This is the Purpleslog USAv3 preference

I am okay with Transnational Libertarianism being USAv4, but the world needs to be mostly democratic/capitalistic/free before that transaction can take place.

I will think some more about this at a later time.

USA version 3?

TDAXP has a post suggesting that Mexico (each Mexican state and the special Federal district as 32 new US states) join the USA:

America is a “melting pot,” in which cultures cannot be kept distinct and separate.


America (the United States of America) and Mexico (the Mexican United States) were both conceived as multinational economic and political unions, no less than the European Union. Growth, expansion, and geographic union are in the DNAs of our Unions. With different Constitutions and different political traditions, the USA and MUS were born as complex adaptive systems — pragmatic attempts to create liberty and happiness for the North American people.


Combine the American United States and United States of Mexico into one political union under the US Constitution. Our way works — that’s why Mexicans are coming here — so why not export our rules over there?

Also reader Taylor has this comment:

I have always said, if the United States wishes to become the first empire not to fall, they would have to make everyone around the entire planet American.

I can definitely see some logic to this plan. If integration between Mexico and America is happening anyways, why not embrace it and veer it toward an outcome that Americans like me can be ok with?

My concerns with it revolve around maintaining the nature of the current American Identity, which I define as having these driving forces (I may to think on this some more):

  • Liberty/freedom as driving secular religion
  • Democratic capitalism as driving political philosophy
  • Equality of opportunity (not equality of outcome) meritocracy
  • Predictable legal system
  • Transparent republican government at all levels
  • Colonial and Anglosphere heritage/history
  • English language
  • Security Independence and Preeminence

I do not suggest that the above are universal values of each culture. I suggest they should be.

Note it doesn’t include: arts, theology, or specific ethnic heritages.

Dan TXDAP says in the comments:

“…that over the long term english would predominitate as it is the “the language of opportunity”.

That covers some of my concern on a large influx of non-English speaking American citizens.

As Taylor would describe, I am an American Chauvinist. I do want to have to everyone around the entire planet American (in the sense of having the driving forces I listed above).

When the earth is all American, the Democratic Peace concept suggests the earth will be for the most part peaceful. The US will loose economic preeminence, but that is okay. Conflict among nations will be in the nature of sporting events, theatre entertainment, and Earth Idol (not war and conquest). That is quite a ways off.

What is being proposed here is USA version 3.

USA version 1 was Colonial era through Civil War (USA as nation-state confederation)

USA v2 was Reconstruction through the present (USA as strong federal Nation-State).

USA v3 could be: USAv2 + Mexico as a Market-State (ref1, ref2) (note to self: that concept needs a Wikipedia entry). This is only one possible USAv3.

A competing potential USAv3 would be a USA that embraces Transnational Progressivism (ref1, ref2, ref3, ref4) / Folk Marxism. That is not the USA I want.

The roadblocks to a preferred USAv3 outcome are:

  • corruption / imaturity of mexican institutions and rule-sets
  • integration of Police forces, armed forces, and intelligence services
  • home grown insurgencies in southern Mexico
  • how many Mexicans want to integrate with USA vs. reconquer?
  • Language preferences
  • Creating a shared historical identity for celebration

I am sure there are more, but that is what I am thinking of off-hand.

It might make sense for USAv2 to take certain actions pre-USAv3 to start paving the way:

  • US Constitution changes to add super-majority for spending bills, term limits for Congress and Supreme Court, sunset provisions required for all legislation, and a line-item veto of sorts (really just to beak out legislative bundles for veto purposes)
  • SysAdmin services to Mexico for improve institutions
  • US Training exercises for Mexican armed forces, intelligence services and police forces
  • Real campaign finance reform (only natural persons can contribute, only to their districts, instant transparent reporting for press vetting)
  • Move Mexico away from Castro and Chavez

Update: I left this comment to the TDAXP post (trackbacks are having a problem):

I can definitely see some logic to this plan. If integration between Mexico and America is happening anyways, why not embrace it and veer it toward an outcome that Americans like me can be ok with?

What is being proposed here is USA version 3. USA version 1 was Colonial era through Civil War (USA as nation-state confederation). USA v2 was Reconstruction through the present (USA as strong federal Nation-State). USA v3 could be: USAv2 + Mexico as a Market-State.

My concerns with it revolve around maintaining the nature of the current American Identity (I am an American chauvinist) and corruption / immaturity / incompatibility of Mexican institutions and rules-sets (time for an inter-american SysAdmin force and an application of domestic PNM theory), and lastly the Reconquista / Mexica / Aztlan mindset (USAv3 as 5GW effort by the Mexica/Aztlan movements).