Of the People, By The People: The Strategic Citizen 5GW Style [Updated]

This is a third style of 5GW in my slow-motion series and follows the Puppet Master style and the Socio-Political Entrepreneurship style.

Working Definition of Fifth Generation Warfare (aka 5GW aka SecretWar):

5GW is the secret deliberative manipulation of actors, networks, institutions, states or any 0GW/1GW/2GW/3GW/4GW forces to achieve a goal or set of goals across a combination of socio, economic, and political domains while attempting to avoid or minimize the retaliatory offensive or defensive actions/reactions of 0GW/1GW/2GW/3GW/4GW powered actors, networks, institutions, and/or states.

Working Definition of Strategic Citizen (v0.1):

Ordinary individuals and/or Super-Empowered Individuals who
successfully make use of any of the technological, socio, economic, or
political domains to have a strategic impact on the world.

Working Definition of Strategic Citizen 5GW:

The purposeful action of 5GW by Strategic Citizen (SC) actors who are unconnected in any way except for the desired related end effects to be achieved through the sum of the individual actions.

Disclaimer: Not all SC are involved in 5GW; not all 5GW will be done by SC


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Working Definition v0.1 – “Strategic Citizen” [Update]

How is this for a definition of Strategic Citizen:

Ordinary individuals and/or Super-Empowered Individuals who
successfully make use of any of the technological, socio, economic, or political domains to have a strategic impact on the world.

Any comments? Suggestions? Corrections? Alternatives?

Update – Phil writes:

I think that the key to the strategic citizen idea is that we citizens no longer have to passively defer to government professionals but rather that we have the means to act on our own initiative in certain areas, such as strategic communication. In fact a decentralized, leaderless, complex self-organizing movement of citizens may prove to be far superior at waging the war of ideas than the centralized, large, unwieldy government bureaucracy that is now charged with that task.

Phil is (at least to me) the popularizer (and maybe the initiator) of the Strategic Citizen concept.

Strategic Citizen / Strategic Citizen 5GW Style – Links, References, and Inspirations

Stay tuned for “Of the People, By The People: The Strategic Citizen 5GW Style”. Update: I have published it.

Links, References, and Inspirations:

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“Spooky Action at a Distance” and other Recent 5GW Links

These are all newish.

– Skilluminati’s “The Language of Power”:

Spooky action at a distance is a great single-sentence summary of 5GW.
For brainfood I submit Henry Okah, David Myatt and Ronald Stark. In
terms of clinical psychology, 5GW operatives are NOT SANE — they are
sociopaths, they are monomaniacs, etc. Effective 5GW is all-consuming
and requires greater discipline than most humans are willing to subject
themselves to.

I really like ” “Spooky action at a distance” or just “spooky action” as a 5GW action term.

The sociopath angle is interesting….and bears some consideration. I can definitely see that for the Puppet Master Style of 5GW at least.

John Goekler at Counterpunch has an article entitled: “Fourth Generation Warfare in a Fifth Generation Conflict”:

5GW is a whole other kettle of fish. In 5GW, the goal is not to seize the levers of power so much as it is to weaken or “hollow out” state control, in order to fill the ensuing vacuum. The actors are not necessarily political movements, or even recognized groups. Their motivation is as likely to be micro-economic as ideological, and may be social or–most likely–some blend of the above. To conflate these under any label, be it “jihadists”, “losers and dead-enders” or “militias” is to misunderstand them completely.

This Sounds like the John Robb‘s re-definition of Global Guerrillas as 5GW. He continues:

5GW is sometimes called, “open source” warfare, or “war of super-empowered individuals”, because modern weapons and technologies have conferred tremendous power on small actors. One person with a kilo of plastic explosive and a simple detonator can do millions of dollars in damage to key infrastructure, such as pipelines, electrical grids, water treatment plants or bridges.

So, yep, 5GW = Global Guerrillas with a bit of Hammes themed 5GW too. Most of what he calls 5GW is 4GW or possibly a new form of 3GW in some cases.

Podcast: Art of Memetics

Reasonable Citizen on 4GW

Mountain Runner on Smart Power:

Smart Power is “the capacity of an actor to combine elements of hard power and soft power in ways that are mutually reinforcing such that the actor’s purposes are advanced effectively and efficiently.” Those familiar with Sun Tzu and Clausewitz will recognize the four elements of Smart Power:…
To correct this, Ernie says smart power needs a smart campaign. The concepts of hard and soft power need to be reframed and remastered.
Smart Power will be the product of revolution of national security affairs.

2008 Unrestricted Warfare Symposium

– TDAXP’s “The Thomas Crown Affair, a 5GW Primer

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“Stealth Is Knowledge” – New 5GW Blogger? [Update]

Is this blogger going to be a new 5GW theorist?

My interest in 5GW (5th Generation Warfare) is rooted in it’s potential for positive social and cultural change.

The comment made me think of of former 5GW b logger/commenter RevG.

The blog looks a bit strange – let me say eclectic instead.

I found no other reference to 5gw on his web site. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with though.

FYI: Here is how I currently define Fifth Generation Warfare.

Update: This might be the associated blog. This is the 5GW category.

Update: This is definitely the blog.  It was cross posted to Stealth-is-Knowledge. Stealth-is-Knowledge has a 5GW link (but I have not evaluated it yet).

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PurpleSlog’s 5GW Working Definition 0.91 [Update]

Here is a minor update to my working description of Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW):

5GW is the secret deliberative manipulation of actors, networks,
institutions, states or any 2GW/3GW/4GW forces to achieve a goal or set of goals across a combination of socio, economic, and political domains while attempting to avoid or minimize the retaliatory offensive or defensive actions/reactions of 2GW, 3GW and 4GW powered actors, networks, institutions, and/or states.

I just made a point of adding “institution” (per this idea) to my older definition.

FYI: Arherring‘s definition is here.

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Update: A slight change:

5GW is the secret deliberative manipulation of actors, networks, institutions, states or any 0GW/1GW/2GW/3GW/4GW forces to achieve a goal or set of goals across a combination of socio, economic, and political domains while attempting to avoid or minimize the retaliatory offensive or defensive actions/reactions of 0GW/1GW/2GW/3GW/4GW powered actors, networks, institutions, and/or states.

I Posted a 5GW Discussion Question at Dreaming 5GW

Here it is:  5GW Discussion Topic: is it still useful to discriminate between “tactics”, “operations”, “strategy” and “grand strategy”

Dreaming 5GW LinkSpotting: Where are the “super-empowered hopeful individuals?”

A cross-posted article called “Super-Empowered Hopeful Individuals” [1][3] and “Empowering Hope” [2] references a post by fellow D5GW blogger Arherring. Here is an excerpt:

A leading fear for those of us looking at the longer-term implications of molecular manufacturing is the technology’s capacity to give small groups — or even individuals — enormous destructive capacity. This isn’t unique to advanced nanotechnology; similar worries swirl around all manner of catalytic technologies. In fact, some analysts consider this a problem we currently face, and give it the forbidding label of “super-empowered angry individuals.”

As a parallel, the core of the “super-empowered hopeful individual” (SEHI) argument is that these technologies may also enable individuals or small groups to carry out socially beneficial actions at a scale that would have required the resources of a large NGO or business in decades past. They would rebuild towns or villages after a natural disaster, or provide health care to refugees; they would clean up environmental toxins, or build renewable energy systems. The Millennium Development Goals would be their checklist. They would carry out the kinds of projects that humanitarian organizations do today, but be able to do so with smaller numbers, greater speed, and a far larger impact.

To an extent, these are tasks we might expect governments, NGOs or businesses would seek to accomplish, and they’d be welcome to do so. But catalytic technologies like molecular manufacturing could so enhance the capabilities of individuals that, just as we have to account for SEAIs in our nano-era policies and strategies, we should pay attention to the beneficial role SEHIs could play. They change the structure of the game.

I would call the 5GW practice of the happy/hopeful SEI’s as a possible instance of the Socio-Political Entrepreneurship Style of 5GW.

Keep in mind 5GW is not the only option open to SEIs. Also, 5GW actors don’t have to be SEIs.

[1] http://www.openthefuture.com/2008/03/superempowered_hopeful_individ.html

[2] http://crnano.typepad.com/crnblog/2008/03/empowering-hope.html

[3] http://www.nanotech-now.com/columns/?article=181

[4] https://purpleslog.wordpress.com/2007/08/27/architects-of-the-future-the-socio-political-entrepanuership-style-of-5gw/

[5] http://dreaming5gw.com/2007/08/architects_of_the_future_the_s.php

P.S. Yeah, I am trying out TDAXP’s footnoting style

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Shrinkwrapped on Conspiracy Theories [Update]

One of my earliest thoughts on 5gw was regarding conspiracy theories:

A 5GW operation will create conditions and contingencies to avoid detection by hiding among the crazies. I can see where parts of an operation might purposely be exposed and then linked with false information and crazy theories to discourage real investigation. All of this is aimed at the observation part of the OODA loop of the opponent.

Blogger Shrinkwrapped is a Psychiatrist and wrote this recently on Conspiracy Theories (but not directly on 5GW):

Human beings are prone to believe in nonsense. We typically find ways to use our rational thinking to support our nonsense theories, and usually the nonsense we believe in is harmless so long as it doesn’t interfere with our ability to work, love, and play (to use Freud’s old descriptor’s of mental health.) In The Value of Conspiracy Theories I described a relatively harmless conspiracy theory that is ascribed to by perhaps 40% of our British friends. JFK conspiracy theories have been a staple of the American zeitgeist for 45 years and have spawned a cottage industry and made many people quite wealthy. In these cases, the conspiracy theories reinforce some people’s existing anxiety about government and also reinforce the comforting idea that life is not completely random. Even if the “they” who are in control are evil, it is a comfort to know someone is in control and knows what is going on.

Other conspiracy theories are extraordinarily damaging to the holder. Those conspiracy theories are the ones that support the holder’s view that he or she is the victim of circumstances, forces, and people that are much more powerful than they, are inimical to them, and are beyond their control. Those beliefs lead to passivity and anger, and away from self reflection and responsibility.

Back in 2006 Shrinkwrapped wrote this on the subject:

For the non-psychotic, conspiracy theories can offer the same kind of balm. Our world is increasingly chaotic. At its best we experience the world rushing into the future sweeping us along in a rapidly changing dynamic equilibrium; those of us who are most adaptable can surf the bow front of the wave of change; many more are able to follow along just past the crest, but for those who have less agility, such rapid change is disorienting and anxiety producing. Because of the increasing complexity of the modern world we all are constantly at the mercy of strangers. We rely on strangers to keep our electric flowing and our lights on; we rely on strangers to get food to our markets and onto our tables; we rely on strangers not to kill us through inadvertence or malfeasance. We depend on strangers stopping at red lights! In such a complex world, we are as out of control as the most primitive and superstitious Caveman, whose life was at the mercy of events both large (storms, lightning bolts, earthquakes and tsunamis) and small (smilodons, infections, broken bones). In such a terrifying world, our anxiety leads us to imagine that some all-powerful individual (at one time thought to be God, but he has been devalued by modern, secular sophisticates who keep themselves unaware of the primitive nature of our minds) or individuals, are actually in control.

A random world is not only terrifying but poorly comprehensible; a world controlled by secret cabals of Jews, Americans, the CIA, multinationals, or some other nefarious grouping, may be frightening, but at least it is understandable. That Princess Diana, loved by so many, could be killed simply by the random vicissitudes of existence is too disturbing to contemplate. How much better to imagine she was killed by powerful, hidden forces? If the world is filled with uncertainty, we are all at risk; if there are hidden cabals controlling the world, we can feel safer by either staying out of their sights, or by attacking them as the cause of our problems. Either way, we can feel less anxious and uncertain.

Nonsense contaminates and warps the observational ability of an actor. A 5GWer can make use of that.

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Update: Münzenberg at Soob has a thoughtful post with a different PoV that is worth reading.

Information, No Information, and 5GW [Updated]

Blogger Lance Miller at Progressive Positive dips into 5GW blogging pool:

It is interesting that we call our age the Information Age. Information seems to the body of 4th generation warfare. Sounds like 5th generation warfare may be about no information. The enemy learns from mistakes, can even become repentant and change course in their lives and switch to your side, because your “information” is so compelling. With communication always transferring across boundaries, dead ends/pathos in societies can be averted.

Not so if you send no information that helps the opponent associate an attack with previous interactions (with you) or a synopsis of your moral ideology.

I am not sure that “no information” can be sent. The trick is minimize what the 5GWers adversary. This could be done by:

1) Secrecy – The 5GW is hidden by multiple layers of cutouts, organizational security (small size, closely bonded), and operational security (sunshine is defeat).

2) Deception – False information is planted to hide the trail, to play upon the misperceptions, fears and bad mental models of the adversary, and anything else to much up the observational abilities of the target or adversary.

3) In-Plain-Sight-ness (update: aka maybe Crypsis) – I don’t have a good one word description of this. Either the 5GWers actions can be in slow motion and therefore don’t seem to be part of a conflict;and/ or the conflict relies upon N-Order effects far removed from the actual action of the 5GWers.

I am sure there are more ways this can be done.

Welcome Lance Miller to the 5GW circus!

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Update: Commenter “moon” at Dreaming 5GW suggest using the term crypsis instead of in-plain-sight-ness:

crypsis – protective camouflage coloration where the individual resembles its backgound

I like that term.

Cringley touches upon the emergence of Super Empowered Individuals

Cringley is a documenter/pundit of computer geeks and their world. He does calls them “nerds” though which shows he does not have a full understanding and is apart from them.

Anyways, in a recent article he wrote:

There is a technology war coming. Actually it is already here but most of us haven’t yet notice. It is a war not about technology but because of technology, a war over how we as a culture embrace technology. It is a war that threatens venerable institutions and, to a certain extent, threatens what many people think of as their very way of life. It is a war that will ultimately and inevitably change us all, no going back. The early battles are being fought in our schools. And I already know who the winners will be.
Here, buried in my sixth paragraph, is the most important nugget: we’ve reached the point in our (disparate) cultural adaptation to computing and communication technology that the younger technical generations are so empowered they are impatient and ready to jettison institutions most of the rest of us tend to think of as essential, central, even immortal. They are ready to dump our schools.

Note the part I bolded again:

…younger technical generations are so empowered they are impatient and ready to jettison institutions most of the rest of us tend to think of
as essential, central, even immortal.

Narrow it down more:

…impatient and ready to jettison institutions…

Therein lies future 4GW, 5GW, and civil Wars.

Happy Easter!

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My comment for Dreaming 5GW Post “Polling the Intelligentsiasphere”

My comment isn’t showing up on this Dreaming 5GW post, so I will add it here.

In reply to a post by Curtis (of PhaticCommunion)…

What are the key concepts/terms for the immediate future (next 50 years) and consequently for the fifth generation of warfare?

…here is my contribution (with some better links):

- Demographics

- Cognitive goods (a ZenPundit idea)

- Opportunity Science (Businesss Pundit / Rob’s idea)

- Leverage Factors

- Loyalties (people,systems, ideas)

- Economy of Action and Force

- Game Theory aka Deep Strategy

- Quantum Computing

- The Ideological civil war in the West

- Effect of longer Life Spans / Longevity / transhumanism

- network orientation and self-organization

- Transnationalism – on both the Left and the Right (here here here here here here here here here)

- Fairness: Opportunity based or outcome based?

- Political Islam and the 21st Century World

123 Meme

I was tagged by Shane/Deichmans with the 123 Meme.

Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

I won’t tag anybody since I am about month behind on this, but here is my result otherwise:

The book is Dragon Days by H. John Poole.

The violent dispersal of public prayer services in Baaren led to local citizens taking over the town and government forces taking it back by aerial bombardment and ground assault. In 1995, the province experienced sabotage of railroad tacks and oil fields. The following year, approximately 5,000 Uighurs were arrested after a series of attacks on Chinese interests.

The book is partially on what I would call 5GW or near-5GW, 4GW tactical forces (as light infantry based on SERE coupled with criminal investigation capability).

5GW Link Spotting: Baudrillard’s Bastard – “hackers, power grids, and (dis)information”

The Author of that blog writes:

But, back to the point: hackers, power grids, and (dis)information. Virilio’s theory suggests that in an information war (one tactic of 5GW), the dominate form of 21st-century warfare, “information and disinformation have become indistinguishable from each other, so have attack and mere accidents.” So, in other words, disruption is built into the construction of a system. Disruptions can appear as accidents or attacks. The line between the two categories is “indistinguishable.” A government agency, such as the CIA, has a stake in calling recent power disruptions (that may or may not have taken place) attacks. By calling disruptions attacks, the CIA can augment its power and expand Internet surveillance. In fact, the expansion of surveillance is a central facet of the information war that is now occurring. Virilio writes, “the information war, which will make general what espionage and police surveillance inaugurated long ago, though they were unable to draw, as we are today, on the limit-acceleration of ‘global information.’” We live in a techno-cyber surveillance society. [link]

It is an interesting read and the blog is worth checking out.

The author gets the conspiratorial, deception and goal of N-order effects aspects of 5GW.

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Link to Bill Whittle Essay on Boyd and the OODA Loop – and a little (maybe) 5GW thinking at the End of Part 2

Here is part 1 and part 2.

I will be blogging on these later.

Why We Need to Get Used to the Fact We Won’t Be Able to Depend Upon our European Allies

From the start of an article in Opinion Journal:

“European governments are not able any more to ask their people for great sacrifices.”

First Thought: Were are my counter-part 5GW Euro-bloggers?

Second Thought: Hmmm…I wonder if they think the same about the US?

BTW, the author is quoting Kissinger:

The real difference, Mr. Kissinger interjected, lay in “what government[s] can ask of their people.” It is because “European governments are not able any more to ask their people for great sacrifices,” he argued, that they have so readily opted for a “soft power” approach to so many foreign policy issues. This will, of necessity, make it harder for Europe to reach a consensus with the U.S.

EuroCitizens wanting to start talking 5GW should email me.

Blogger Turboblues is Looking For Something…and I Think That Something is the 5GW Concept (Well Maybe)

Read his post here and bring him into the our little part of the blogosphere.


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