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    “Excellent. Okay, question one… Are you or have you ever been a member of the Taliban?”

    Mike Baker speculates on where VP Biden got his numbers:

    Date: 24 February 2009

    Call Center Employee: Redacted

    Subject: Call #4, Call recipient: Commander Mullah Omar and wife Judy

    Audio Transcript

    Dialing… ringtone… connection established:


    “Yes, good morning… is this Mr or Mrs Commander Mullah Omar?”

    “Who is this?”

    “Hi there, I’m calling from the Spenkman Center for Research and Policy. How are you today?”

    “How did you get my number?”

    “Super, glad to hear that. Would you have a few minutes to answer some survey questions?”

    “What do you want?”

    “Excellent. Okay, question one… Are you or have you ever been a member of the Taliban?”

    “I will track you down like an infidel dog…”

    “Okay, well, I just have yes or no as options for the first question.”

    “Fine, yes.”

    “Right, moving on then. Question two… would you describe yourself as a) incorrigible, b) pensive, c) moody or d) cash strapped.”

    “You know, I gotta’ go with a) incorrigible.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Uh, yeah, definitely a). Gozzar upstairs in 12B is always telling me to lighten up… chill out he says. What a tool.”

    “Fine. Question three… fill in the blank with the most appropriate answer; Most of my Taliban colleagues are in it for the blank. Would the answer be a) excitement, b) money, c) babes or d) excellent benefits package.”

    “Well… lemme’ see… that’s a good one… I’m gonna’ say b) money, although we just got dental so the benefits are a close second.”

    “Alright then, last question; In your opinion, where is Osama Bin Laden currently located?”


    “Never mind, just a little call center humor… seriously, last question; What percentage of your colleagues would you describe as unfocused and lacking in jihadi fervor?”

    “Huh… I gotta’ say they all seem pretty committed. We had 100 per cent attendance at last night’s build-your-own-bomb-belt seminar, and that’s even with the American Idol results show on the telly. Honestly, I ain’t so crazy with that fourth judge.”

    “Any guess for the percentage?”

    “That Paula Abdul though… what a looker, I’d sure like to cover her up with a nice burka… you remember the music video with that cartoon cat? Boy could she move…”

    “Shall I put you down for 25 percent?”

    “What? Sure, whatever… any chance you know Paula Abdul? Now there’s a reason to give up jihad. You think she’s married?”

    “Thank you again sir for taking the time to answer our questions. Have a super day.”

    End Call.


    Seriously, Biden is an embarrassment and a joke. Obama signaled amateurism in selecting him as the VP Running mate. We have at least 4 more years of this fool.

    Biden as Foreign Policy Expert?

    I think Biden is way overrated on Foreign Policy.

    I am not the only one:

    In 2004, I was astonished to hear Biden doing his own bit of America-bashing in front of an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The US, he claimed, had no moral authority to preach democracy in the Middle East. “We don’ have much of a democracy ourselves, ” he said mockingly. “Remember our own presidential election; remember Florida!”

    Biden has the experience of more than three decades in the US senate, at least two of them dealing with foreign affairs and defense. But experience is no guarantee of good judgment. And Biden has been wrong on almost every key issue.

    * In 1979, he shared Carter’s starry-eyed belief that the fall of the shah in Iran and the advent of the ayatollahs represented progress for human rights. Throughout the hostage crisis, as US diplomats were daily paraded blindfolded in front of television cameras and threatened with execution, he opposed strong action against the terrorist mullahs and preached dialogue.

    * Throughout the 1980s. Biden opposed President Ronald Reagan’s proactive policy against the Soviet Union. Biden was all for détente – which, in practice, meant Western subsidies that would have enabled the moribund USSR to cling to life and continue doing mischief.

    * In 1990, Biden found it difficult to support President George Bush’s decision to use force to kick Saddam Hussein’s army of occupation out of Kuwait.

    * A decade-plus later, the senator did vote for the liberation of Iraq from Saddamite tyranny. But as soon as terrorists started challenging the new democratic system in Iraq, he switched sides and became a critic of the whole war effort. He claimed that the Iraq war was lost and suggested that the US partition the newly liberated country into three or more mini-states.

    Biden’s misreading of the situation in Iraq shows that experience is no substitute for judgment. He judged the situation on the basis of headlines and CNN footage – not the long-term, geo-strategic interests of the United States. In short, he lacked what President Harry Truman called “strategic patience.”

    So writes Amir Taheri in the NY Post.

    And most devastatingly:

    Had Biden had his way, “the Evil Empire” would still be around and Saddam Hussein still in power. The US would still be begging the mullahs of Tehran for forgiveness of unspecified “past sins” – and more American hostages would be seized in the Middle East while the mullahs celebrate their first atomic bombs.

    By choosing Biden, Obama, the candidate of hope, has transformed his promise of change, into a back-to-the-future pirouette – back to Jimmy Carter.