“British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced the possibility of Chinese forces joining the multinational coalition in Afghanistan”

Interesting, if true.

China needs to step up. The US-China relationship will be one of the Big 5 Challenges for the US Foreign policy-wise for the next decade. 


Video – Free Tibet NYC Protest

Since Slashdot reports that the YouTube (owned by “Don’t Do Evil” Google) yanked the video, here is the video from Vimeo:

Interesting Podcast on Chinese Hackers – “The Dark Visitor #1″…

…is here.

The blog is interesting too.

Book Notes: John Poole’s Dragon Days: Time for “Unconventional” Tactics

John Poole‘s Dragon Days is mostly about 4GW and a little bit about what I call 5GW (aka SecretWar).

The Interesting points to me where:

– US light infantry should add criminal investigative techniques

– US light infantry should all add real SERE capability so they don’t need 2GW-ish bombardment (with its 4GW blowback) if they get into a fix.

– China seems to be the PuppetMaster behind lots of the conflict and enemies the US is facing – so China is sort of engaged in a non-kinetic 4GW and maybe a 5GW (though he doesn’t use that term) against the US

– Poole thinks that the release of the book Unrestricted Warfare was a deception operation to get the US focused on hi-tech warfare (which makes me think he really didn’t read it)

Getting China to Help in Afganistan

Hidden Unities makes a good case for the US interest in getting China involved in Afghanistan.

What is China’s interest here though? Why should they help?

A US that is bogged down with unreliable allies (aka NATO) is a US that is lesser impediment to other PRC goals.

How can China be nudged successively to join in? My mind is blank.

123 Meme

I was tagged by Shane/Deichmans with the 123 Meme.

Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

I won’t tag anybody since I am about month behind on this, but here is my result otherwise:

The book is Dragon Days by H. John Poole.

The violent dispersal of public prayer services in Baaren led to local citizens taking over the town and government forces taking it back by aerial bombardment and ground assault. In 1995, the province experienced sabotage of railroad tacks and oil fields. The following year, approximately 5,000 Uighurs were arrested after a series of attacks on Chinese interests.

The book is partially on what I would call 5GW or near-5GW, 4GW tactical forces (as light infantry based on SERE coupled with criminal investigation capability).

“Chinese premier Wen Jiabao is ‘gravely concerned’ by allegations that hackers…”

From Dark Reading:

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao is ‘gravely concerned’ by allegations that hackers in his country have attacked German government systems, according to a report from the two countries’ diplomatic meeting earlier today.

I don’t think Germany should worry. The Chinese/PLA hackers were just practicing to for cyberway against somebody else.