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    Draft Design v1 – TV/Visual Media Viewing 2011 Project

    For better or worse….I think this is what I going with as the design for my TV/Visual Media Viewing 2011 Project:

    -Drop Time Warner Cable – saving $68/month (I hadn’t realized how high it had gone in the last year)
    -Add Hulu Plus – costing $10/month
    Roku is adding Hulu Plus soon (so I would use mostly Netflix Streaming, Hulu Plus  and Pandora Streaming)
    ===>>> Next savings of $58/month ~ $700/year

    Office Setup
    -move existing small TV (that is digital TV ready) to bedroom
    -no TV for this room
    -Mac Mini w/ 1 Terrabyte Raid 1
    -w/Elgato Eye TV software and USB fob
    -w/iTunes, ReplayAV, Skype
    -w/Browser for Netflix Watch Instantly, Hulu Plus and other “content”
    -w/DVD reader/writer
    -add Digital OTA TV antenna/booster
    -add as second display 17″ (or larger) HD display
    -throwout failing DVD/VCR Combo device

    -replace old (18 years?) Panasonic TV with newer TV (that is already digital TV ready) from the office
    -add Digital OTA TV antenna/booster
    -add Wireless Speakers to be placed near/on bed’s headboard bookshelf
    -Move family room older-model Roku (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora Music Streaming) to bedroom
    -throwout failing DVD/VCR Combo device
    -throwout failing VCR device

    Family Room
    -re-purpose/donate/inventory old (18 year?) CRT style TV
    -Purchase new TV with HDTV – 36″ or better – 1080p – 4+ HDMI ports
    -add Digital OTA TV antenna/booster/splitter
    Channel Master OTA DVR (dual tuner)
    -purchase new Roku HD/S (mostly for Netflix streaming, Hulu Plus, Pandora Music Streaming)
    -purchase Boxee Box (mostly for internet based content and stuff from my Mac)
    -keep last existing combo DVD/VCR unit (for playing DVDs, for playing existing VCR tapes) [How to hook up?]
    -Deploy (existing in my inventory) Wi-Fi 802.11N Bridge
    -FUTURE: if the Channel Master DVR doesn’t work out, I will try the Sezmi Basic service
    -FUTURE: replace eventually old combo DVD/VCR unit with Blueray DVD/VCR writer/reader

    Any recommendations or anti-recommendation on HDTVs? I am checking here.

    Time for Leave It To Beaver