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    “Hyperion Nuclear Power Generator”

    I got the scoop from a post at NextBigFuture.com. This looks very cool:

    Hyperion Power Generation, Inc., (HPG) with the assistance of Los Alamos National Laboratory, is developing and commercializing a small, factory-sealed, mass-produced, transportable nuclear power module that is uniquely safe and proliferation-resistant. The technology utilizes and builds upon similar features of the 60+ TRIGA training reactors that have been safely operated for years in universities and laboratories around the globe.
    Three factories, spread across the globe are planned by the company to produce and ship the approximately 4,000 units of the first design.
    Each unit produces 70 megawatts of thermal energy, or 27 megawatts of electricity when connected to a steam turbine. That amount is enough to provide electricity for 20,000 average-size American-style homes or the industrial equivalent.

    I would like to see safe distributed nuclear power around the globe to power the grids.

    Attention Entrepreneurs: More of this, and faster please!