One of my photos was used…

here in “Is It Ever O.K. to Bribe Your Students”.

Here is the original:

Spring Break 2007 – Day 8 – Cozumel Mexico – Dolphin Encounter

One of my Cozumel photos has been used…


Here is the original:

Cozumel Mexico

An old “to-do” list photo of mine is used…


This is the original:

Checkout the “Conspiracy Theory” minded graphics of user “New World Order” on Flickr


Update: It’s gone.

Something you never thought about Godzilla…


Update: Sorry – NSFW!!!!!

The Amazing Photo-Art of DanielKHC on Flickr

The Link.

Here is a sample:

…and this:

This Flickr (by Ronsart) “Despair” plaque cracks me up


Another photo of mine was used…


One of my security “wordles” is in the wild…


Economic Wordles

I am just playing around…

Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations

Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom

Hayek’s The Use Of Knowledge in Society

Phelps’ Dynamic Capitalism

Here are the rest of mine.

Another photo of mine is in the wild…


Here is the original:

Last Day At Work To-Do List

Two of my photos…

…are being used here and here.

Here are the originals:



Optical Illusion via Flickr

This is not my photo. This is making the rounds on the internet.

This is the craziest thing I’ve seen in a long time. You have to get out of your seat and walk away from your computer. People may think you’re crazy. But it’s well worth it. 😉

When you look at this picture close up, you see Albert Einstein, but if you stand about fifteen feet away, the picture will become Marilyn Monroe.

Optical Illusion

I Had to get fresh A&W Root Beer on Saturday!

Sometimes You Need to Make a Fresh A&W Root Beer Run

Flickr Video Test: “Seniors Gone Wild”

The Secret Life of Kermit…

…is on Flickr by pictureclub_2000.

The Flickr pool is here.

The PurpleSister’s set is here.

Photo: I Started Reading “The Exploit” Over Lunch

Sometimes, you just need to make a Sushi run:

I started reading "The Exploit" over lunch

DanielKHC: This Flickr Dude’s Photos are Fantastic!

The Flickr PhotoArtist is DanielKHC

You can browse around for his photos, or see specific sets such as:

Digital Blending

High Dynamic Range photo experiments

HDR + Orton

Urban Landscapes


Here is one more photo (from Singapore):

Link: Photo Gallery of the West Milwaukee That Was (Until Recently)


Here is a photo I have a grain loader (tipped and abandoned) from the same area:

WTF Is this? Solved! --> It is a grain loading system that has been tipped on it’s side

“Egg McMuffin Inventor Herb Peterson Dead at 89”

He died Tuesday.

Thank you Herb for the tasty McMuffin! I will order one later this morning in tribute!

[Photo uploaded to Flickr by iirraa)


One of my photos has be used (somewhat) here and here.

Some of My West Allis Photos…

…seem to have been lifted from Flickr and used here without attribution.

Assholes. It not like I was charging for use.

What kind of bird is this?

Yellow bird, Hawaii

(Originally uploaded to Flickr by bermudafan8)

My Flickr “Purple Question Mark”…

…has been used here.

Here is the original.

“Thanks for you chalky wisdom”

Ann Althouse photographed “seasonal” graffiti in Madison.