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    Has Glenn Beck discovered 5GW?

    I was home sick today. Of course, my TWC Internet went down at 8am and stayed down till now. I would say fuck TWC, but I don’t have a broadband alternative in my apartment. I did config my Roku to connect to a neighbor’s unprotected Wi-FI network so I could stream music from Pandora.


    I turned on the TV and caught most of Glenn Beck‘s TV show. I am going to record and re-watch the late rerun and record it the rest of the week.

    Glenn Beck has discovered 5GW.


    From Wikipedia


    He just isn’t using the term. Yet. Note to self…can he be sent a promo copy of the Handbook of 5GW.

    He seemed to be suggesting a Neo-Communist/Neo-Marxist/Crytpo-Communist 5GW Project is underway and ramping up its actions…actions it has been taking small steps over time.

    What he described seemed to be a sort of Open Conspiracy or Strategic Citizen 5GW.

    He suggests – and had a countdown clock – that there was also a Puppetmaster at work that he will unveil details on Tuesday. He identified George Soros.


    From Flickr


    He pointed to the book The Coming Insurrection as a source of ideas for the 5GW.

    He is pretty sure he will be denounced as a conspiracy monger. I think he is right on that.

    He invoked magic and con men for tactics metaphors.

    It seems that he plan to be a counter-5GW warrior by using sunlight to expose the 5GW and raise awareness of it.

    In xGW terms, successful exposure of the 5GW effort will either collapse (defeat) it, or force it to come out into the open as a 4GW.

    These are interesting times.

    5GW Wordle 6