Gaza and Sharia


PC: Talk to me about Gaza, your hometown. What, in your opinion, is really going on there?

ND: The world needs to understand the roots of the eternal conflict, which is the Sharia law commandment to kill all Jews. Peace can only happen if such roots are exposed and understood.

For decades, Arabs had demanded that Israel end the occupation, and in 2005, Israel did so, disengaging unilaterally from Gaza. With their demands met, there was no ‘cycle of violence’ to respond to, no further justification for anything other than peace and prosperity. With its central location and beautiful beaches on the East Mediterranean, a peaceful and prosperous Gaza could become another Hong Kong; a shining trade and commerce center. But instead of choosing peace they chose Islamic jihad. Arabs of Ghaza rolled their rocket launchers to the border and started bombing Israeli civilians.

The reasons for choosing violence over peace is due to Sharia. Mainstream Sharia books define Jihad as: “to war against non-Muslims to establish the religion.” (Shafi’i Sharia 09.0). Jihad is not just the duty of the individual Muslim, it is also the main duty of the Muslim head of State (the Calipha): “A Muslim calipha is entrusted to take his people into war and command offensive and aggressive Jihad. He must organize Jihad against any non-Muslim government. [Link: PJ Media]

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Oh, if you want to call me an Islamaphobe (as has been done in the recent past) consider this:

I think what you are seeing in me that you call islamaphobia is actually a my deep dislike to totalitarian movements, their supporters and their enablers.

Most Muslims get a pretty raw deal from “Islam” in Islamic countries. They ruled by Mullahs and strong men for the benefit of the mullahs and strong men with the vast majority of Muslims have there potential, their freedom and their human capital wasted.
Note: those in favor of Sharia and the mullahs and the other totalitarian elites in the Muslim world who benefit from subjugation of regular people (who are called Muslims), want you to call their enemies racists or islamaphobes or other slurs becuase that makes their time easier.