Though he is now a convicted felon, get ready for former Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee Jr. scammer 2.0

So, McGee Jr. has been convicted and now sentenced:

After the sentencing, U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic said in a statement: “The evidence at the trial showed that Michael McGee Jr. was one of the most corrupt elected officials in Milwaukee’s history. Although his sentence was below that recommended by the government, his case should serve as a deterrent for other elected officials who may prey on their constituents.”

I hope so. We’ll see. Milwaukee politician had a squeaky clean image when I was a kid, that is no longer true. Others think the incentive won’t be that much:

ViAnna Jordan, who unsuccessfully challenged McGee in a recall election in 2007 and in the general election this year, called the sentence light.

“Wow, every politician-crook in Milwaukee should be elated because that means they can do whatever they want, victimize the community, victimize the city, take from the lowest of people, just rip off the whole community and all you get is merely 6 ½ years,” she said.

Since he won’t be able to make it as a politician anymore, McGee jr. seems to already be planning the next version of his low-life career:

While behind bars, McGee said, he has reconnected with God and has enrolled in a minister-training program through the Holy Redeemer Institutional Church of God in Christ, though he doesn’t plan to become a full-time minister. McGee also said he is creating a curriculum for a young people’s program at the request of Holy Redeemer’s Bishop Sedgwick Daniels.

Sigh. He’ll be back causing causing trouble and being a parasite on his community this time as a religious leader of some sort.

Just like his father.

This is part of “Fixing Milwaukee”.