“Jaish-e-Mohammed leader placed under house arrest”…

…so it is reported in Long War Journal.

Given that it is the ISI that has him under “arrest” and that he is in his own home, I assume his house arrest is similar to when I am under “arrest” by a blizzard and choose to stay cozy in my home while watching TV and ordering takeout.

What the ISI is really doing here is protecting him from the Indians (in the form of an air raid or direct action) by faking arrest (again) and by putting up a 4GW PR wall for the uninformed.

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The faces of the enemy

Capturing my Thought on Pakistan: Turkey-ization

I wrote this today on an old post at TDAXP:

It has definitely turned into a war for Pakistan. I have been listening to a lot of first hand reporting via Covert Radio. It is pretty clear that the PakiGov really hasn’t been working with the US. The PakiGov is cutting deals with the enemy while telling the US it will fight.

Perhaps the events of today 9/20/2008 will turn some in the PakiGov. Maybe not. The new President is a corrupt as his late wife, but probably not as bright. I don’t know how much power he really has. He certainly doesn’t control the ISI.

The insight above that the US will naturally favor India once the Taliban threat is gone is most likely true, but I don’t think it figures into the PakiGOV thinking. They are thinking “we are Islamic and will side with our own tribes and fellow muslims”.

Making Pakistan democratic capitalistic like India is a long shot goal that is not likely to succeed ever and certainly not soon.

I think the way here is for Pakistan to Turkey-ize (a mildly-Islamic/mildly-secular state). There are those in PakiGov that might be okay with it.

I have no idea what the relationship is between Turkey and Pakistan. Surely though, NATO member (and hint-hint EU wannabee) Turkey would help on a project like this.

While I am not sure how to get there yet, the end I see is as a Taliban-fee Islamic Pakistan people with a mildly-Islamic/mildly-secular PakiGov (with the Military being guarantee-er of the mildly part).

The war for Pakistan is on. How we want it to end is important.

I have Turkey-ization as the endgame.

What are the other options?

It doesn’t have to be this way.
The people of Pakistan should have better.

Out of the Box Thinking on Pakistan…

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