USA Election 2012: I Am Voting For Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

I am voting For Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

You can read summaries of what I believe here, here and here. In short it is something like: Strong on National Security, Pro-Entrepreneurial Capitalism, against big government central planners, for domestic lifestyle tolerance – especially in private, for free trade, against global governance and so on. The continuing US financial crisis (e.g. rising debt and USGOV spending, Bureaucratic regulations gone wild, increasing anti-entrepreneurial incentives, Inflation, increasing dole numbers, the BigBiz/BigGov cronyism nexus) is issue number one for me.

Romney was not my first choice in a hypothetical POTUS candidate (and Zeus knows I am no Paul Ryan fan), but when I consider the likely direction of a Romney administration vs. the likely direction of a second Obama administration I see a clear distinctive choice for all us of Americans.

In 2008, I did not support Obama/Biden and I believe my analysis was spot on. The Obama administration has been pretty bad and has moved the country in the wrong direction on almost every important issue. I have no reason to believe a second Obama administration would be an improvement.

The Romney/Ryan ticket is the best fit to my policy views and I will enthusiastically vote for him.  I urge you to do so as well.

(source ABC News)

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan – Fake Conservative

So first  Ryan compromised his “principles” and supported the Bailout.

Now, according to JS Online, he is coming out against free trade (I support free trade):

So forgive the people of the state’s 1st Congressional District if they are a little confused by Ryan’s latest ad.

“People are hurting because American companies benefit by shipping jobs overseas,” the 38-year-old pol says into the camera.

Ryan then complains that it is “unfair” for American companies to get a tax break by producing goods elsewhere and then importing them to the U.S.

“Instead of exporting jobs,” he concludes, “we should be exporting American products.”

That’s a lot of fair-trade rhetoric from someone known as a free-trade champion.

He is not really a conservative. He is just another jack-off politician that will say or vote whatever to get elected, get favors, and get personal benefits. He has shown he has no real principles (they are not “real” if you don’t stand by them when its inconvenient).

Right-wing radio talk show host Mark Belling sounded the alarm for the young GOP star in a recent column.

“Ryan, the reformer who represents the party’s future, is very worried he could be taken out in a Democratic tidal wave,” Belling wrote this week. “The loss to the conservative movement should Ryan lose is almost incalculable.”

He is already gone. Forget about him. He no longer matters.

Others have suggested that Ryan’s big ad buy has more to do with his interest in Herb Kohl’s seat when the Democrat retires from the U.S. Senate.

I will certainly remember if Ryan run for the US Senate of for Wisconsin Governor. He will never get my vote.