Message from the Fed: Bend over, here it comes Proles! (On the Bailout Series)

My fellow Americans, prepare to get fucked again.

Bad news from the Federal Reserve.

01. Quantitative Easing is DC newspeak for increasing the money supply big time.

02. This type of monetary action has the effect of causing Inflation.

03. Yes, my follow Moorlocks, the Fed wants to ramp inflation up.

04. They don’t have the balls to say so.

05. And they waited until after the election, so those of us who do…well fuck us there is nothing we can do about it.


06. Inflation sucks.

07. Inflation devalues your debt.

08. Inflation devalues your savings.

…in other words…

09. Inflation rewards bad economic behavior and punishes good economic behavior

10. Inflation-as-policy is a way for the Political Class to deal with the Debt issue that protects them and their fellow elites and Big Gov types (both here and abroad), saves those who made really bad economic decisions, and punished everybody else.

11.  I was never one of those who wanted to alter or dismantle the Fed. No longer. My mind is a clean slate on this issue. The Fed is was supposed to be about fighting inflation. Now that they have dropped that duty by their actions, what should the next/future US Central Bank Systems look like (properties to include simplicity, transparency, mission focus, smaller-size)?

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