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    Unfortunate Typos in IM while at work

    Sometimes my bad/lazy typing has a cost as in this this business IM I made a few minutes ago:

    The cocks look fine to me now. How do they look to you?


    I will be keeping a low profile at work for the next couple of hours. I was referring to Clocks (network/IP based time clocks run at our branch offices).

    “Sometimes a typo is just a typo”

    Weird work emails that are making me giggle at 7am

    I have lots of emails from bosses and bosses’ bosses about moving forward on the “Cox” plan.

    Things like “Ditto on the Cox”, “Cox works for me” and “let’s move on the Cox”.

    I know it is stupid and juvenile, but I can’t stop laughing…I hope nobody hears me! Luckily it is pretty early in the office.