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    By Request: Sudoku Blank Grid – 2 on a sheet

    The small blank grid is here.

    For reference, the large version is here.

    Update – Hard tricks explained:

    Sudoku – Blank Grid

    So, I am back to my Sudoku addiction.

    I have created a blank grid in PDF format to print out and use instead of writing on the paper or in a puzzle book.

    Feel free to use it or share it : Blank Sudoku Grid

    This is a small version on Flickr:

    Sudoku Template

    Sudoku Template [Updated]

    Update 11/22/2007: Go here to get the blank grid as a PDF.

    Sudoku Template

    Use the full-size view through Flick to get a larger grid.

    I originally made this in MS word, and usually print it out when I need a blank puzzle sheet.

    Send me an email if you want a copy as a PDF.