Me and Mitch Daniels: Crossing him off for 2012

I like what Mitch Daniels is doing in Indiana -Fiscal fixer with the  social conservative agenda not being that important. So far so good, right?

Alas, he likes the VAT Tax – a type of consumption tax.

In general, consumption tasks are a good thing (only non-savings, non-investment gets taxed).

A VAT though is a hidden tax. It is a little tax at each stage of the production and delivery of a good or service. The tax burden is hidden from the view of voting citizens.  A tax system based on hidden taxes can be manipulated  by the elites and the “connected” for their own benefit and to reward their supports.

Implementing a Hidden Tax System goes against the principles of what I hope the next USA will become.

I will not support a VAT or anybody who does.

Even if they ride a Harley.
Governor Mitch Daniels (R-IN)