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    In Which I defend Rev. Wright (only a little bit)…

    There has been a bit made (e.g. here) about recent written comments of Obama‘s Rev. Wright – though the original seems to have since been removed.

    I strangely feel compelled two defend Wright on two points:

    1) By saying “Italians“, he was clearly referring to Romans of the time of Jesus.

    2) Metaphorically linking lynching (rather, the popular image of a dead lynched person handing from a tree for all to see) to crucifixion (giving it a more contemporaneous spin) is quite clever.

    Note, I do find “black liberation theology” to be crap and have ever since I ran into it in college.

    Hmm…reading his wikipedia entry…how does an enlisted PFC in his his first hitch transfer from the Marines to the Navy? That’s sounds odd.