Watch and Understand

Found via Dr. Sanity:

DC Comics Just Killed off Bruce Wayne aka Batman!


It should make fore some interesting story telling in the batman universe and allow groth of the other characters before the probable restart|”oh he’s not really dead” button occurs.

Here’s one way really cool looking way that world could look:

YouTube Music Break: Country Swing with a Tractor as the drummer

Found off Instapundit:

YouTube Science Fiction: “This is my Milwaukee”

I found this on Althouse:

I really don’t recognize it. I don’t think it was filmed in Milwaukee.

My Current Ear Virus: “Jacksonville” by Sufjan Stevens

It has been going on all Morning! I hope this post helps me exercise it!

“No Mr, Bond, I expect you to sing!”

Found on Debbie Schlussel’s Blog, is this – The Jame Bond Theme Song with lyrics!

Federal Government and Education in a Nutshell from “Yes, Prime Minister”

I found this funny and thoughtful “Yes, Prime Minister” bit via The Fifth Column: