A Call For A Pure Media Based 4GW (Proto-5GW?) Against Israel/Jews

LGF Reports:

At a conference in the apartheid theocracy of Saudi Arabia, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference called on rich Muslims to invest large amounts of money in Western media outlets, to skew their coverage and convince the gullible infidels that hating Jews is normal, acceptable behavior: Muslims urged to buy influence in world media.

Follow the link for more.

There is a follow-up by LGF that reports:

Tim Blair points out this related article at ArabNews, in which an anonymous Western journalist who was present at the meeting says it’s a great idea, but keep it hush-hush: ‘Muslims Need to Be Media Savvy’.

Once again, follow the LGF link to find out all the details.

I think 4GW is still evolving. It can be a lot more then just advanced/evolved guerrilla warfare. I have been thinking alot on soft power and power and general. I am thinking that 4GW (which I refer to as Full Spectrum Warfare now in my own notes) among other things, will involve a greater use of soft power and non-kinetic hard power in order to evade and neutralize the hard power of 2GW/3GW opponents.

The 4GW media moves being mentioned in the LGF articles are aimed at changing the West’s perceptions of Israel/Jews and of the West perception of the belief of the Islamic world toward Israel/Jews. The battlefield tactics involve using legal activities (commerce to acquire and run media businesses) to change perceptions and views. Being that the actions are legal in the West, the 4GW enemy is able to evade the 2GW/3GW hard power strengths of the West.

A 5GW aspect might be, if a small group of rich Muslims do slowly get control of non-trivial portions of the West’s media and then uses their commercial position to shape the wests beliefs and preferences.

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