Obama is reelected.

My fellow Americans, this is going to be bad for our present and for our future.



9 Responses

  1. There is still time for GenX to fix the problems being caused by the Hippy Boomers 😉

  2. A large majority of my GENX friends (smart college educated people BTW) repeat back the extreme Dem talking points: Romney is an evil profiteer, with a weird religion, who hates the poor, wants to end all abortion and control all of the ladyparts, will lock up the gays, will try to re-institute slavery,the opposition to Obama is based on Racism, etc.

    Post-election, I have found that several of my Repub/Conservative leaning friends didn’t even bother to vote.

    The demonization of Romney and the Republicans worked.

  3. So the Slate article redefines ‘Conservative denial’ 😉

  4. Hurray we won! Sucks doesn’t it? Too bad romney couldnt manage any IT stuff, he would totally suck at cyberwar. Funny how all the best hacker lean liberal.

    i think it has something to do with having a open mind.

    • CyberWar is alot different then just Managing IT. I have a couple of years of post on CyberWar in my head that I should get around to actually making.

      I would also point out that the skill set that leads to a successful campaign doesn’t lead to a successful presidency (reference Obama First campaign vs his terrible first term).

      Perhaps, I should take some comfort that as a poor executive, Obama hopeful won’t screw up the US too much in the next four years. I don’t though.

  5. Purpleslog,

    Did you see the following blog that seemed to echo your sentiments on the GenXers to which you referred ?


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