One of my photos was used…

One of my photos was used…

here in “Is It Ever O.K. to Bribe Your Students”.

Here is the original:

Spring Break 2007 – Day 8 – Cozumel Mexico – Dolphin Encounter

Funny Sign at Heartbreakers In West Allis

You must understand, Heartbreakers is a strip club.

I wonder if this caused any auto accidents?

More Great Photo-Art: Studiophototrope

Here is the link

The Amazing Photo-Art of DanielKHC on Flickr

The Link.

Here is a sample:

…and this:

Greate Photos of the “The Most Alien-Looking Place on Earth”…

…are here.

Another photo of mine is in the wild…


Here is the original:

Last Day At Work To-Do List

Two of my photos…

…are being used here and here.

Here are the originals:



Reference Link: “The pages below show prints I made from processing film I found in old cameras”

This is the link.

Photo: I Started Reading “The Exploit” Over Lunch

Sometimes, you just need to make a Sushi run:

I started reading "The Exploit" over lunch

DanielKHC: This Flickr Dude’s Photos are Fantastic!

The Flickr PhotoArtist is DanielKHC

You can browse around for his photos, or see specific sets such as:

Digital Blending

High Dynamic Range photo experiments

HDR + Orton

Urban Landscapes


Here is one more photo (from Singapore):

Website Link: Milwaukee Architecture Photo Archive


Link: Photo Gallery of the West Milwaukee That Was (Until Recently)


Here is a photo I have a grain loader (tipped and abandoned) from the same area:

WTF Is this? Solved! --> It is a grain loading system that has been tipped on it’s side

Link to Interesting “Rainy Day” Photos


Some of My West Allis Photos…

…seem to have been lifted from Flickr and used here without attribution.

Assholes. It not like I was charging for use.

My Pumpkin Pie Photo Has Published Again… [Updated]

here at and here at

Here is the small version of the original:

Thanksgiving Dinner 2006 at my Parent's House

Another Photo Of Mine Has been used…


Here is the original:

One Big Snake

A photo of mine…

…has made an appearance on this good Milwaukee-centric blog.

Milwaukee Ale House Viewed From the Milwaukee River

The Real Streets Of Old Milwaukee – From Flickr User Nuclear Art

If you are interested in Milwaukee’s history, check out Nuclear Art’s photos here and here, and his related forum.

More Fun From Flickr: Etcha and Etch-A-Sketch Wizardry

Flickr Etch-A-Sketch artist Ethca pointed me to her work.

Here is a sample:

Found on Flickr: An Etch-A-Sketch Artist

I love Flickr.

Check out Etch-A-Sketch artist etchasketchist’s photos.

Here’s a sample:

Here’s his self Portrait:

Cool, One of My Photos Has Been Used!

The photo is in this link: ASIS&T 2007 in Milwaukee – Joining Research and Practice: Social Computing and Information Science.

Here is the original:

Lake Michigan as Viewed From The Milwaukee Art Museum

This is a view of Lake Michigan as seen from the inside of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

A Fonzie Statue For Milwaukee

Somebody wants to put a Fonzie Statue in Downtown Milwaukee at Wisconsin Av3e. and Water Street (essentially were Milwaukee began – the Juneau Trading post).

While it seems a bit cheesy to have a Happy Days monument in Milwaukee it would be kind of fun, though I don’t know if that is the right spot.

I would prefer if the replaced the orange monstrosity that is a bit more east on Wisconsin Avenue:

Jeez, that thing is ugly.

Go Fonzie!

Sick Fucks Are Using Flickr Photos to Pretend to Be Children On Social Networking Sites

You can read about it here and here.

Attention all you parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles out there:

Do not store photos of your kids in a public accessible way.

Just don’t do it.

Photo: Golden Retriever in a Wheel Barrel

They can be silly dogs, but I still love them!

[Photo uploaded to Flickr by uther pendragon]