The Final Boss?

Steven Den Beste, RIP

I was a fan. He was a big influence on me post-911. RIP.


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Data Dump: MPS Spending per Student


$15k per student

Data Dump:

MPS Budget 2015-2016–Finance/Past-Budgets/2015-16AmendedAdoptedBudgetBookrev2.19.16.pdf

Total Expenses: $1,169.4 (millions)

Total Students: 75,551
1,169.4 (millions) / 75,551 = 15478

So (roughly), MPS spends $15k per student

I wish this was around when I was 23…

…”Venture for America“.



Favorite TV Shows of 2012-2013

Favorite TV Shows of 2012-2013



Realty Show

Late Night Talk Show

  • Red Eye (FNC)

Podcast (substituting for TV consumption:


Also note this similar discussion here.

“The FSOC’s decision to expand the too-big-to-fail designation to nonbank firms will be seen as the most damaging action taken under Dodd-Frank”

Instead of going away, “Too Big To Fail” is expanding:


It was no surprise that the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) decided last week to cite a number of nonbank firms as systemically significant, placing them in line for greater regulatory scrutiny by the Federal Reserve. What was a surprise is that — in the midst of a huge outcry in Congress about banks that are too big to fail (TBTF) — neither Congress nor the administration asked the FSOC to stop the designation process until the too-big-to-fail issue had been fully thought through. After all, by designating some nonbanks firms as TBTF — GE Capital, AIG, and Prudential Insurance are in the group — the FSOC has created a whole new set of institutions that will now be considered TBTF. [via The American]


America move from entrepreneurial capitalism to state crony capitalism continues step-by-step.

IMO, companies that are “too-big-to-fail” need to be broken up.



Time for a Theme Song for the “Financial Cliff”

My choice is “Ship of Fools” by World Party:

I’ve used it before.