First the Gift of Tuna, Now the Gift of Song

You loved him for his tuna.

Now get ready for his song stylings!

[Photo uploaded to Flickr by idealterna]

How has this guy come to lead a new lefty movement?

Hey, he has been a backup singer!

Fourth Generation Warfare and Tuna

One of the warfare types in the Unrestriced Warfare (a book the that expands both 4GW and 5GW thinking) is economic aid warfare. If you couple that technique with Ideological warfare and Tuna you get this (from Political tactic as part of Hugo’s South American 4GW:

Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez is sending cans of tuna to Peruvian earthquake victims – with a picture of himself on the label.Joining Chavez on the tuna can is Lt. Col. Ollanta Humala, his favored candidate to become president of Peru.”Thousands of cans of tuna with photos of the Venezuelan president and his Peruvian subordinate Humala are being distributed in the disaster zones,” the Lima newspaper Expreso reports.

This does raise a serious question for Chavez supporters among the left: Is this Dolphin-safe tuna?

5GW Example? Is ANSWER Trying to get a Chavez-friendly candidate elected in Mexico?

From Instapundit, a ProCynic post suggests:

Now, there a backlash brewing against the illegal aliens/colonists. The rallies have not won support, but hostility from the American public.

Which is probably what the rallies ultimate organizers, ANSWER and possibly Chavez himself, wanted. Forget the illegals. ANSWER may believe that if it can prompt this backlash against the people it’s purportedly trying to help, then it can get Chavez ally AMLO elected in Mexico and cause tremendous damage to the US.

This sounds like 5GW to me:

  • The 5GW Operators (small purpose-driven-network ANSWER) mostly create and manipulates a 4G movement (illegal immigration rights / Open Borders / “Humans are not illegal”) from behind the scenes unknown to most followers of the 4G movement
  • The 4G is manipulated to fail forcing the opposite of the 4G’s desired outcome
  • The 4G movement may then be discarded completely by the 5GW operators
  • This failure of the 4G movement creates a backlash in Mexico against the US
  • This backlash creates a favorable outcome to the 5GW Operators (increased likelihood of Communist ally to Chavez be elected in Mexico)

Update: Phatic Communion post on Hugo Chavez as 5GWarrior mentioned in the comments