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Break Apart The Department of Homeland Security – One Possibility [Updated Again]

I have written before (and here) that DHS is a mess and should be re-worked or broken apart.

I wasn’t really sure what to do.

Thomas Barnett had written somewhere something to the effect that he didn’t like DHS because he would like to have seen alot of it in his SysAdmin function. I wasn’t sure what he meant, or what this would look like. I think maybe I do now.

Here is an idea I have kicking around for awhile for breaking apart DHS. I hope it doesn’t have a rearrange-the-deck-chairs-on-the-titanic feel to it.

I will follow up in a few days in another related organizational post entitled “Department of War, Department of Peace”.

DSIA – Domestic Security Intelligence Agency

  • MI5-like
  • counter-intel activity
  • counter-terrorist activity
  • intelligence activity
  • network in with local law enforcement & contractors
  • US Secret Service / Executive Protection activity
  • fold in TSA Intell
  • Embed DSIA/IC cells in all relevant agencies
  • full spectrum profiling by covert security officers
  • (include members of that agency in the cell)
  • Other posts: here

National Infrastructure Security Authority

  • Critical infrastructure security program
  • Network in with local law enforcement & contractors
  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
  • Covert Security Activity (includes FAMS function)
  • Contract out armed flight deck officer program
  • Full spectrum profiling by covert security officers
  • DSIA/IC Intell Cell

National Border Management Authority

  • Borders
  • maritime ports
  • Air ports
  • Customs
  • Create networks
  • use covert security agent/profilers who mingle + vegas-style eyes-in-the-sky for security as 3g preventive force
    uniformed checkpoint inspectors (private, working off economic incentives system)
  • Cargo entry control
  • Covert Security Activity
  • Contract out armed flight deck officer program
  • Full spectrum profiling by covert security officers
  • DSIA/IC Intell Cell

National Emergency Response Authority

  • National Police Reserve (can be individual reservists or state based pool assignents)
  • National Fire/Rescue/EMS Reserve
  • National Emergency Response Civilian Auxiliary
  • National Emergency Dentist Auxiliary Program (cross train Dentists as EMT/Nurse Practioners/Paramedics/Nurse)
  • Office of Aviation Support
  • Create networks for support
  • Temp shelters and command posts
  • Inside cargo containers
  • Military command vehicles
  • Emergency aviation assets
  • Emergency comm assets
  • Civel defense system
  • Ebay System For Disasters Prep
  • DSIA/IC Intell Cell

Federal Immigration Management Agency

  • Manage program who gets in
  • Tracks who is here
  • Create networks for enforcement
  • Out source to bail-bondsmen system
  • Financial incentives for local law enforcement
  • Backup with U.S. Marshalls Service contract
  • DSIA/IC Intell Cell

Homeland Security Support Agency

  • Homeland Security Strategic Planning Office
  • Homeland Security Research and Technology Support Office (included grant program)
  • Homeland Security Basic Program (outsourced program based on a model) Captains-level school
  • Homeland Security Advanced Program – perhaps funded/outsourced (Major-Lt. Col)
  • National Homeland Security College (advanced schools col-level) (M.A. Homeland Security Studies)
  • The above schools can be outsourced programs to university centers-of-excellence
  • A few Homeland Security ROTC slots (summer training/internships with a Federal Agency involved with Homeland Security Agency or Coast Guard or local/state police/fire/health/civil-defense)
  • Office of Communication Research and Support
  • HR (assignment federal, military,local, NGOs, private, overseas)
  • Homeland Security Fellows / Senior Fellows program
  • Homeland Security Officer Service
  • (should serve in federal defense and non-defense positions and local positions, some percentage of jobs should be reserved to them)
  • HR system
  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center


  • Put Coast Guard back to Department of Transportation (or into a new Department of Armed Forces)
  • Special 4gw/counter-Terrorism Court System
  • Rico-ish statutes for Counter-4GW
  • Purge Military And Prison System Of Wahhabi Chaplains


I would be okay if the DSIA, was actually an expanded and reinvented United States Secret Service. Since it has a history/story, it might be better for organizational cohesion.

Update – Additional Ideas from an older post of mine:

  • Adopt Dominant Logistics suggestions like: create secure air and port zones, Use retiring ICBMs as launch vehicles for emergency satellites, Field a force of 400 aircraft specific to the mission of global security and support (firefighting, emergency communications hubs, material movement etc.)
  • Create a Volunteer Emergency Support Militia of US citizens with special training in firefighting, EMT support, rescue operations, mass disaster event logistics, HAZMAT, dog operations, anti-looting security, Communication technology, civil engineering, hygiene/sanitation operations, etc.
  • Geographically disperse Federal Agencies
  • create rapid replacement rules for the House and Supreme Court (the Senate is okay as is)
  • Create a Separate MI5-like Domestic Security Intelligence Service (DSIS)
  • Create Special 4GW/Terrorism Courts
  • Real Tradecraft for the Air Marshalls Service. Where should it go? Put it under the Justice Department or make it the Office of Air Security and Intelligence and put it under the DSIS

5 Responses

  1. Do you think its wise to further compartmentalize the government? I agree that DHS is a big monster to work with, but I also feel that breaking it down into 3+ organizations might not be the best solution.

  2. Tim I can see your point.

    One problem with DHS is the upper layers add not value. Since it creation, DHS has made mistake after mistake…and no reform of substance has taken place.

    Second, DHS’s mission is too broad. It is hard to focus on anything is you have 10 highest priorities.

    Third, some of the capabilities in DHS could be utilized in non-domestic activity also.

    So, I see DHS be broken into mission-focused smaller pieces.

    Additionally, I would re-arrange other aspect of the government.

    From https://purpleslog.wordpress.com/2007/03/18/department-of-war-department-of-peace/

    First, create a Department of the Armed Forces to replace the current sub-cabinet Departments of the Navy, Air Force, and Army. I would also fold in the Departmentof Vetrans Affairs, other aspects of the current DOD, and DHS aspects of the Coast Guard.

    The Armed Forces Department is responsible for the care, feeding, equipping and training the uniformed Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) future, present, and past (so it runs the VA system).

    Next, the Department of Defense is stood down. It was created to fight the cold war and to overcome sort comings of the US effort in WW2. The cold war is over – we won. Time to correct and fight for the next /current war.

    From this https://purpleslog.wordpress.com/2007/03/18/department-of-war-department-of-peace/ :

    A new Department of War would be created. Think Barnett’s leviathan idea. Some aspect of the current DOD would be transfered over. The Department of War is the 2GW/3GW war-fighting state smashing capacity of the US. It would contract for forces from the Department of the Armed Forces, Private Military Companies, Foreign Powers whatever.

    For The Department of Peace think Barnett’s SysAdmin Force. It could also be called the “Department of Everything Else”, “The Department of Global Systems Support and Security” or some such. The Department of Peace does: COIN, Sysadmin, economic development, nation-building and institution-building, peace corps type goodwill stuff, civil and municipal engineering projects and the like and much much more. I would move those activities from other Departments (like state and treasury) to this new department along with it new capabilities. It could contract for additional forces from the Department of the Armed Forces, PMC, foreign powrs, corporations and some of the former DHS units. I think the National Emergency Response Authority may just become part of the department of Peace but be given a global mission.

    Lastly, replace the combat commands structure with a Unified Acton Executive system that bring together all elements of national power into a more focused effort:

    “The UAE would be inter-agency, War, Peace, State, Treasury, Intelligence Community, Energy, Agriculture, etc. They would also have cultural capabilities. They could draw upon resources that were formally associated with Homeland Security especially the National Emergency Response Authority, The National Infrastructure Security Authority and the Homeland Security Support Agency.”


  3. Gone:

    Department of Homeland Security
    Department of Defense
    Department of Veterans Affairs
    Department of the Army
    Department of the Air Force
    Department of the Navy


    Department of the Armed Forces
    Department of War
    Department of Peace
    Unified Action Executive system

  4. Purpleslog comment makes sense..

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