I Watch this and think…send in the National Guard…

…and clear out all of the grounds of the Leftists and throw in jail any who resist or do not comply.



Fucking Leftists. I am embarrassed for my home state of Wisconsin.

We shouldn’t pretend the Left and their activist vanguard and their willing public union dupes are just practicing democracy. They are at their very core anti-democratic. They are the problem.

Enough is enough.

Crush them.

Bust their Unions.

Sue their orgs and individuals for damages. Lawfare, fuck yeah. Bankrupt them.

Impeach the WI Dem Senators who have fled the state.

Recall any republican legislator who caves.

Fuck them.

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“You’re the dullest audience I’ve ever spoken to”

Fuck you stupid-ass Joe Biden, Fuck you.

Toward Nothing

Lack of Money is NOT the problem with the Milwaukee Public School System

MPS is failing its customers (the students, the taxpayers and the community). It is NOT because of a lack of money.

I took a stab at the money issues in a comment at the Fraud Files Blog. The author of Fraud Files (a Forensic Accountant) cleaned it up and improved upon the point I was trying to make with the post:

I don’t think taxpayers have any idea what wasteful spending MPS does. One reader of this blog broke it down in the comments of another article on this site. I’m going to refine those numbers a little. MPS is going to have 80,228 students next year. Assuming 30 students per classroom, that gives us 2,674 classrooms. With the MPS budget of over $1.3 billion, that’s spends over $490,000 per classroom. How could $490,000 be spent? Keeping teacher compensation at the current outrageous $100,000, that leaves $390,000 to spend on all the other needs for the students:

    * Books – $10,000 per classroom
    * Breakfast and lunch for all children – $50,000 (and that would spend $9.25 per child per day, which is far more than necessary)
    * Computer for each child – $30,000
    * School supplies for each child and classroom needs – $15,000 (way more than necessary, but work with me on this)
    * Renting a classroom with utilities and internet – $60,000 (way more than necessary again, but I’m just playing it safe)
    * Transportation? Nope. This is an urban area. Classrooms will be in walking distance for everyone! No more buses. Wheeee!

This still leaves $225,000 unspent. This is an astronomical amount, and all needs have been filled for all children in this classroom. Let’s think about other expenses:

    * We need some administration to take care of paperwork. One person at $100,000 (includes salary and benefits) should be able to oversee at least 5 classrooms, don’t you think? That’s $20,000 per classroom on the administrator.
    * Maybe we need secretarial help as well. Let’s say one person at $50,000 (includes salary and benefits) for every 5 classrooms. That’s $10,000 per classroom.
    * How about a library and some musical instruments? Let’s say that for every 5 classrooms, we need to spend $100,000 per year for those needs.  That’s $20,000 per classroom.
    * Of course we need equipment for some physical education too. How about $50,000 per year for 5 classrooms. That should buy quite a bit of equipment, don’t you think? That’s $10,000 per classroom.
    * The kids also need some fully funded field trips. How about if we give each classroom $20,000 to spend on field trips each year? That ought to buy some very nice outings

This is an additional $80,000 per classroom spent on all the extras, leaving us with $145,000 unspent per classroom. There will be “special needs” children in the district who need additional care, supervision, and resources. But guess what? I’ve got $145,000 left over per classroom, and 2,733 classrooms…. which means almost $388 million district-wide is our surplus even after using the outrageously high spending estimates above. I’ve factored in plenty of spending that isn’t necessary and is likely well beyond what would be needed for each classroom.

This simple exercise makes it painfully clear how bad MPS is wasting taxpayer money. It’s time to force the administrators to get their heads out of their asses and start doing right by the taxpayers and the students. Quit wasting our money on a system that doesn’t educate children. MPS is broken. Time to fix it.

Its NOT about a lack of the money.

I am thinking something like my vouchers-and-charter-schools-for-everybody plan is NOT the right answer either. MY plan is really Grade 9-12 alternative idea. MPS has failed its students before they ever enter High School.

If large number of students are hitting high school with 2 grade reading levels, 2nd grade math levels and with no sense how to properly behave themselves, the problem is with K-6 at MPS. By the time those students enter 9th grade they are – sad to say- a lost cause under the current system. Why

A better plan would be to do something like:

-The entire way that education services are delivered in Milwaukee must be changed. We get too little for too much money. The MPS Leaderships (Schools Board and Administrators) have shown themselves to be incompetent.
– For K-6-ish: emphasize reading, writing, arithmetic and personal behavior at the grade school level. Test early and often to find students falling short; provide remedial opportunities
– For 7-12, have separate parallel Grade 7-12 tracks. Put those falling short in reading, writing, arithmetic and personal behavior into an alternate system. For those not falling short, consider my 21st century ED plan.
-There should most likely be mass firings of the current K-6 teachers and administrators. Most are not competent. The student reading and math numbers speak for themselves.

Badger Pride: On Wisconsin (The Hip-Hop remix)

(old found draft post) Fixing Milwaukee Notes – Notes from 9/7 Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sep 11, 2008 @ 16:08

My “Fixing Milwaukee” post are on hiatus. The problem is real big, I am a bit discouraged at the moment. I am not sure of the next steps.

Reference Definition: Institutions

Definitions Matter. For future reference, I will use the definition for “Institutions”

“Institutions are the humanly devised constraints that structure human interaction. They are made up of formal constraints (rules, laws, constitutions), informal constraints (norms of behavior, conventions, and self imposed codes of conduct), and their enforcement characteristics.” [Ref: Douglass C. North Nobel Lecture]

http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/economics/laureates/1993/north-lecture.html ]


Fixing Milwaukee Notes – Problem/Solutions Dimensions

  • Institutions
  • Culture
  • Attitudes
  • leadership
  • incentives
  • focus
  • public relations
  • security
  • human capital
  • demographics
  • natural resources
  • business

wealth and capital
regulatory laws, zoning
governmentsal relations

Thoughts on the upcoming Green Bay Packers Season

I usually don’t watch any pre-season games, but I will be watching tonight’s Packer games.

This is going to be a challenging season for the packers.

IMHO, there are three big issues for the packers:

1) Defense: How will the defense adjust to using primarily a 3-4? There is a lot of “fingertip feel” that the defense is going to have to build up and throughout the season to be successful since football is a game of seconds and inches.

2) Kicking: Will punting suck again? Will field-goal kicking be subpar? Punting and place kicking were so poor last season, it was like giving the other side an additional first down conversion each series. Also, do the packers have the capability top win games with last second field goals? It remains to be seen.

3) Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers proved he was smart enough and physical enough to be a starting pro football quarterback. He showed grace with the whole Favre distraction. What Rodgers did not show is if he is a clutch playmaker or not. The packer offense had a dearth of successful late game drives. It may have been do to a sum of factors. It maybe be that Rodgers doesn’t have “it”. We will know by the end of the season for sure, one way or another.

Green Bay Packers - logo

Les Paul, RIP

Goodbye to the Wizard from Waukesha: