Senator Clinton for SecState? Ok.

When I first heard the rumors in print that Senator Clinton was being considered for SecState, I figured it was just courtesy chatter to help make Nice between Clinton and Team Obama.

If the choices truly being considered are only Clinton, Kerry, Richardson, and  Luger, then please let it be Clinton.

Kerry is an empty headed pretty boy suite. I for one think it would pretty bad to have as the Chief Diplomat somebody who has accused the USA soldiers of the Vietnam era and of the current Iraq/Afghanistan campaign of being war criminals and marauding rapist. WTF is up with MA that they vote for this guy, anyways? He would be a disaster as SecState.

Richardson has the right resume. He performance in the primary debates was terrible though. He came across as confused and befuddled on security issues. It appears he has just been a resume-building ticket puncher. I have see enough of them in corporate America to stay clear of them. So should Obama.

Lugar has never made an impression on me one way or another.

So, good luck Secretary of State (to be, I hope) Clinton!

It could be worse, much worse.

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  1. Clinton and McCain have been out-in-front for recognizing Ukraine as seam states, and Russia as in the Gap. [1,2]

    This is very good news.


  2. Obama’s been pounding the Honest Abe literary pavement as of late. Given this he might well appoint his former political adversary to a cabinet role. McCain would be an interesting choice. A dove presiding over a falcon. Might strike a balance of sorts as I’ve found McCain’s fp to be a bit dated and short sighted at times while Obama’s campaign rhetoric and vp choice (despite your misgivings, P) suggested a more pro-active and realistic effort.

    Politically speaking, Clinton makes the most sense. But beyond that I see little practical endorsement. Stalwart and tenacious as she is, I’m not following the mainstream excitement. Personally speaking, Clinton’s designs and efforts will always reflect her own desires for the highest office. I’m not entirely comfortable with that.

  3. McCain would be an interesting choice.

    Assuming Obama would want to give McCain a cabinet post, which would it be?

    I don’t think it would be State or Defense, because they differ to much. I don’t think McCain would be any good in a econ/business related post.

    So, maybe as UN Rep? Veteran’s Affairs Secretary? Director of National Intelligence? Secretary of Homeland Security?

    Perhaps, Obama would be more likely to appoint a McCain friendly republican?

    I expect much of the Obama/McCain meeting was about Lieberman. If Obama and the ems don’t trash Lieberman, McCain will play nice with Obama.

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