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The Outed Left Make My Skin Crawl

Here are the pictures from Zombietime (with Commentary by Belmont Club):

Fifty years from today Zombietime’s archives are going to be a trove for the archaeology of the Left — even for those members of the Left (if they still call themselves that) who want to understand what their side really thought. The record will protect against the airbrushing that retrospectively softens the hard edges of ideological activism that presents the Rosenbergs for example, as simply patriotic Americas reacting against the excesses of the McCarthy era. One of the most admirable things about Kim Philby was his pride in treachery. Asked why he joined the KGB, Philby answered, “one does not look twice at an offer of enrolment in an elite force.” This is in refreshing contrast to the numberless Western Leftists who thinly pretend to patriotic, or liberal churchmen or champions of human rights when deep down inside is a treacherous, atheistic authoritarian just waiting to bust loose.

What’s funny, when I read this now, I think: “Look cyptocalvinists!”

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