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    The Coming Killbots – Red, White, Blue, and Deadly

    Join in on the discussion at TDAXP initiated by material at Mountain Runner.

    My two cents:

    I am picturing all of the media information operation possibilities for America’s opponents –>

    “Killer Robots unleashed by evil/uncaring/immoral/soft Americans did
    action A to innocent B who where just minding their own business doing
    C when the killbots struck. Follow link D for the footage at Youtube.
    America sucks, and like the Nazis America is E and F. You should have
    sympathy and give support for the scrappy underdogs who will stand up
    to American and their Red, White and Blue Killbots of Injustice and G!”

    Killbots might win in the Physical and Tactical levels, but they can loose big at the Moral level.

    Killbots might be an interesting 2GW piece of equipment (they would
    have been great going over the top as the first wave out the trenches
    in WW1), but they will be a weakness in 4GW.

    It a 4GW world, not a 2GW world.


    Yep, all generations exist at the same time. What I meant was that they are not all created equal.I think a well executing 4GW actor will generally beat a 2GW actor,
    unless the 2GW actor is willing to go all the way and out and out
    destroy the 4GW (assuming it can).

    Early muskets were used to supplement feudal Japanese forces (1GW or
    proto-1gw). They added tactical advantage to a force by increasing the
    options of a field commander from combing arms of different types.

    Right now, the US is unwilling and perhaps undecided about who its
    enemy really is, and is nowhere near having the will/consensus to
    destroy that enemy.

    Unless killbots give the US such an advantage that victory at the
    tactical and physical levels occurs rapidly or allows the US to partake
    in conflict at a dramatically reduced cost (resources and/or manpower),
    the enemy will be able to make many gains on the moral. Undecided fence
    sitters will drift away from the US. Supporters will support us less.
    The enemy will gather strength and rally itself as the scappy underdog
    standing up to the souless/satanic killbots.

    Which is more important for victory, the moral or the
    tactical/physical? WWBS (aka What Would Boyd Say – and yes I just made
    that up – bumper stickers and cofee mugs will be available for sale
    soon on http://makemoneyeasyandfast.purpleslog.wordpress.com )? I think we know the answer to that.

    The US can already win the tactical and physical levels. Killbots weaken us on the moral level though.

    Now I am picturing Daleks with US flags on them. How about – Uncle
    Sambots? USAbots? I can just visualize the anti-US propaganda videos.

    Now I am remembering one of my Iranian relatives (an educated man with
    an Iranian B.S. and a US M.S. in engineering ) telling me at Christmas
    of his fear of a coming future robot rebellion and takeover. I’ve got
    to find out his reaction to this! That might be fun.


    I will grant that perhaps with careful design there is a type of
    killbot (Liberty and Justice For All Bots) that can be developed that
    still give a tactical/physical advantage without the moral level
    negative. Read the shrink wrapped post. I like those ideas – but then I
    don’t mind bugs.

    Note, I am not a Technophobe or luddite. I’ve been reading and loving
    Science Fiction since 3rd grade (thank you Miss Heidman for stocking
    the school with Heinlein’s young adult novels) and have been doing
    hi-tech stuff since I was 15 – including AI academic work and real life
    AI projects as a research engineer.

    Check out this Shrinkwrapped post for more idea (linked from this post of mine) too.

    Here is required study material as well.


    5 Responses

    1. […] I think American Killbots would be a 4GW […]

    2. […] is mention of an anti-ICBM KillBot at Fox News and HotAir. Normally , I think the idea of using anti-personnel KillBots is a stupid/bad idea that the US should avoid. It should be okay for going after non-manned things like Missiles […]

    3. I would like to point out that of all of the students that take the required courses in engineering, mathematics, quantitative analyses courses, and other applications courses to build these robots, should there be a valid study done on how many of them between 1970 – date, it would be more than likely that most of the students doing the designing and the building of these robots were not even US Citizens yet. Quite a few people in the military are there while working under papers that indicate they were not born in the USA. Especially with the return of Communism and Fascism there. Ask THEM why they create these things in the first place? Most of them will say, it’s because they do NOT want to go back to where they were born to live to give up the freedoms they have gained by moving to North America. I’ve seen some of the people they were running from in Africa, The West and East Indies, and Asia and other countries, and they don’t go out in the daytime normally for a reason. Kill bots aren’t recommended by me either, however, I’m not a 7’0′ person trained to the nth degree as a ninja either. I’ve fought physically with some of these behemoths and seen how some of them lived, right here in the USA. Not ALL of them are peaceful giants, like some of the people to whom I’m related. Someone thought these up for a reason. I HAVE seen a giant on amphetamines and it’s NOT pretty.

    4. Pam, there may very well be some good uses for a police bot that is essentially a cuddle-bot to grapple and hold somebody enormous or drugged out. That is a non-lethal police bot though. Nobody has a problem with that. World opinion won’t care (or might even think it is a good thing)

      It would be another matter if a bunch of USA Red White and Kill bots were patrolling the Afghan border and killing humans.

      I have not really thought through the use of Defendo-Bots aka tamed Killbots used for Force protection and security. I think though the enemy could come with plenty of youtube incidents for these.

      That is my PoV.

      To summerize:

      1) USA KillBots, a bad bad bad idea.

      2) USA Defendo-bots…I am not sure about this yet, but most likely a not good idea.

      3) Police cuddle-bots, a good idea.

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