Information, No Information, and 5GW [Updated]

Blogger Lance Miller at Progressive Positive dips into 5GW blogging pool:

It is interesting that we call our age the Information Age. Information seems to the body of 4th generation warfare. Sounds like 5th generation warfare may be about no information. The enemy learns from mistakes, can even become repentant and change course in their lives and switch to your side, because your “information” is so compelling. With communication always transferring across boundaries, dead ends/pathos in societies can be averted.

Not so if you send no information that helps the opponent associate an attack with previous interactions (with you) or a synopsis of your moral ideology.

I am not sure that “no information” can be sent. The trick is minimize what the 5GWers adversary. This could be done by:

1) Secrecy – The 5GW is hidden by multiple layers of cutouts, organizational security (small size, closely bonded), and operational security (sunshine is defeat).

2) Deception – False information is planted to hide the trail, to play upon the misperceptions, fears and bad mental models of the adversary, and anything else to much up the observational abilities of the target or adversary.

3) In-Plain-Sight-ness (update: aka maybe Crypsis) – I don’t have a good one word description of this. Either the 5GWers actions can be in slow motion and therefore don’t seem to be part of a conflict;and/ or the conflict relies upon N-Order effects far removed from the actual action of the 5GWers.

I am sure there are more ways this can be done.

Welcome Lance Miller to the 5GW circus!

[Cross-posted to Dreaming 5GW]

Update: Commenter “moon” at Dreaming 5GW suggest using the term crypsis instead of in-plain-sight-ness:

crypsis – protective camouflage coloration where the individual resembles its backgound

I like that term.

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