The (new) US Cyber Security Chief is the Co-author of the “The Starfish And the Spider”

I did not realize this: The newish US Cyber Security Chief (and National Cyber Security Center boss) is Rod Beckstrom who is one of the authors of the interesting COIN/4gw/5gw/network related book The Starfish and the Spider which Arherring blogged about. This could be interesting.

I have been meaning to blog the book. I read it and wrote notes on it. I had set it aside with the intention that I would come back to it a second time before posting – and then I just forgot about it.

Flickr Credits:

Rod Beckstrom photo uploaded to Flickr by Alex Dunne

The Starfish and the Spider cover uploaded to Flickr by Darlene Fichter

3 Responses

  1. Sorry to say that this is my first time learning of this book and its author. I think I’ll check it out sometime…

    Wondering—by anychance, does this book make mention of SEMCO or WL Gore Associates?

  2. FYI: He was gone by March 13, 2009.

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