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“Saudi hosts Afghan peace talks with Taliban reps”

Update: Debunked.

Here’s a link.

This might be good if this is separating out the Taliban from Al-Quada.

This is bad if it is separating the AfganGOV from the USA/NATO.

One more Election thought: This will give President Obama cover/rational for when he abandons Afghanistan (and for whatever plans he or his advisers have).

I will check later to see if Long War Journal or Covert Radio have any info on this (they don’t have any yet).

Update: HotAir also has a post.

I am withholding judgment. Part of me is afraid this will lead to just another in a long line Hudnas that give the enemy cover (and to outlast the willof USA/NATO) and is how OBL and his inner circle escaped partially in 2001.

Update: More Afghanistan related news here at ttp://www.julescrittenden.com/2008/10/06/victory-impossible .

Update: Covert Radio (episodes for 9/29 and 9/30) mentioned it. I was behind on episodes. I listen to episodes at work on my iPod.

Update: The Long War Journal debunks this.

My question: On who’s behalf is this effort?

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