SLOE/Future (Security, Liberty, Opportunity, Enrichment for the Future)

Zenpundit writes:

Should the major parties fail to generate some new, creative and relevant ideas in a short time horizon – something that is not likely to happen in my view – it means that 2008 is wide open for somebody “outside” the system who can bring both vision and financial wherewithal to the table as an independent candidate. And of the two, the former is far more important because via the internet the vision will attract the financial muscle.

I left a long comment which I am now also using as my own post:

A visionary could organize around something like:



–> Future Oriented

Security –> from bad guys: transnational, national and local

Liberty –> free to organize and associate etc as one wants (includes religion, contracts, etc)

Opportunity –> all humans should have lots of opportunities to achieve there potential (opportunity creating stuff = good stuff)

Enrichment –> of wealth, knowledge, experience etc, for all members of ones community (local, national, global). All humans should be uplifted by the exercise of liberty and opportunity maximization

Future Oriented –> No status Quo! I want 200 year life spans, cheap limitless energy, asteroid mining, orbital communities and mars settlements – a better future of all humanity!

I will give a listen to any pundit with ideas for a SLOE/Future.

Update: This older post of mine should also be checked.

4 Responses

  1. Amen. A future-preference orientation is definitely the way to go.

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