My Current Firefox Setup (as of 6 April 2008)

I use Firefox as my web browser of choice.

If anyone is interested, these are the extensions I use:

Adblock Plus – Strips out ads

Bookmark Duplicate Detector – The name says it all

Bugmenot – it allows you to bypass a userid/passwd to see content

Colorfultabs – I often have multiple tabs open; this helps me keep them organized

Copy Plain Text – Add a right-click option of copy from a web page but as plain text

Customize Google – Alters your interaction with Google search and Gmail (e.g. force SSL for Gmail)

Flashblock – Gives me the option to run a flash animation; they do not auto play

Gmail Notifier – I only use Gmail for my blog email, this way I don’t have to keep checking it.

IE Tab – Bring up an IE Browser (for formatting) in a Firefox Tab

InFormEnter – Helper for filling in web forms

Link Alert – Changes the cursor to indicatethe target of the link

Linkification – takes url presented in HTML as text and turns them into actual clickable links

PDF Download – more options when dealing with PDF links

SafeCache – security control

ScribeFire – A nifty blog editor that I use for posting to Purpleslog and Dreaming 5GW

I also use these search box add-ons: Google, Wikipedia+Google, Netflix, Amazon, IMDB, and YouTube (I deleted the others.)

There are also a few add-ons I toggle on and off to aid doing some information security work I do.

I have also juststarted to try these out, but I don’t know if they are keepers yet:

FoxLingo – Language Translation

UnPlug – Downloading Media Files

Update: FoxLingo tried to switch to my default search engine so f*ck it.

5 Responses

  1. I am using Firefox 3 Beta 5 with the following addons:

    Addblock Plus – this is a must have. Subscribe to Easylist to have some else automatically help filter out ads! Bookmarks – with one click, I can bookmark a page on

    Nightly Tester Tools – temporarily used to permit non Firefox 3 addon compatibility

    NoScript – you decide which web page scripts to allow to run. Try this instead of Flashblock.

  2. Thanks Ted.

    I used to use, but I removed it after I hadn’t used it for a few months.

    I found noscript to annoying – too many sites uses scripts now (which is bad).

    I added easylist per your hint.

    I don’t feel like the testing the firefox beta, but if I do I will use your suggestions.

  3. Good topic!

    I use some of your choices (especially the indispensable ScribeFire) and may add some. I also use, Duplicate Tab 0.9.1 for various editing tasks, Extended Copy Menu 1.4 for the same purpose you use Copy Plain Text for, Gmail Manager, HashColoredTabs, Tab X (so I can close tabs even if they aren’t the active tab), Tag Editor (to create technorati tags when I’m not using ScribeFire), and RealPlayer Browser Record so I can download youtube and other flash videos.

    Also throw in VodPod Button and the Post to WordPress Button to allow the posting of just about any video on a blog. You need to have both to make the Post to WordPress Button work.

  4. Soob has his here:

    Per his article, I am trying out this:

    BetterSearch –

  5. Wolf, I am going to try the tabbing ones you mentioned.

    RealPlayer Browser Record / vpod / post-to-wp sound very interesting and I am going to play with them.

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